Tuesday, June 25, 2013

APOC inbound!

Hello All,

The Apocalypse  announcement is just a few days away. I might even get a game in if the rules are actually playable out of the box. Well anyway a price list has made it's way onto the internet and it looks like it could be legit. WOW 160 (103 pounds) for the new super heavies! Not only that but my beloved baneblade is expected to jump to 140 dollars. for those keeping score that's around 91 pounds. check out forge world and you will see that there are several super heavy kits that are actually cheaper that the new Baneblade price... not to mention new ones.

Holy Crap.

I am so glad I stocked up on super heavies before now.
I am also glad that the new kits look so Meh...  and will finally be able to save money in July.

Till next time.


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