Saturday, June 1, 2013

Journal #10

The girls chilling out

May 30 and 31

Hello all,

The hobby side of things has been pretty slow since Wednesday as I have been dealing with being a car down. I did manage to get some work done on my hobby room and thanks to the wife I now have more space to work. She is a master of efficiency (when she puts her mind to it.)

Here is what the space looks like now.

Still working on cleaning it up...
I did manage to start working on my new Tau Broadside kit. The model is quite nice but the instructions are lacking proper angles to actually see where some of the parts go. luckily most only fit one way. Here is where I am at so far... 

I am attempting to magnetize the extras  for versatility
 Below are some of the painting projects I have been working on lately some of the results are better than others.

Rubber toy lions I bought at a Walgreen's. They will be used as fillers for my High Elf White lion units 

An old (2002-2003) Reaper Chain fighter  I bought in my RPG days
My first Alkemy miniature 

I am seeing Spots...

I have an Enforcer army for Warpath I was thinking of doubling them up as Necron Immortals.
Not sure if they can fit. Thoughts?
Well that's it for now 



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  1. That's great to see some Alkemy figs. Nice color scheme and hide markings!

    And that's a great idea to use washer chips for magnetizing models. I've been using magnets on both sides, which is twice as expensive!