Sunday, January 26, 2014

Journal 34

Happy Birthday D&D

Hello all,

Last night I received an email from RPG News and Reviews. In it was a notification about today (January 26th 2014) being named Dungeons & Dragons 40th Birthday! Here is some that message- 

Tomorrow, January 26th, is researcher Jon Peterson's best-guess for the 40th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons. "For all the reasons listed above, it's probably impossible to narrow in on one date and say with any certainty that this is when the game was released. But if we need to celebrate somewhere in the neighborhood of late January, then the last Sunday of the month (this year, the 26th) seems like the best candidate. As the El Conquistador advertisement above notes, Sunday was the day when Gary invited the world to drop by his house, at 1:30 PM, to have a first experience of Dungeons & Dragons. Since it's a weekend, many of us can clear our schedules to revisit some classic tabletop. So this coming January 26th, 2014, do take the time to celebrate the birth of Dungeons & Dragons and role-playing games." 

40 years ago- WOW. I remember TV commercials for the D&D Game back in the 80's as well as the beloved Saturday morning cartoon - 

Early this morning I got an email from a friend who let me know the same thing. His message ended with a question to me about when I first became a gamer. What a great question. I had to think about it for a while. When I replied my friend and I agreed it would make a great post. Here is what I wrote. A little blast from the past.

I got my first taste of D&D back in 1984 but it was not what you would call the full experience. We played at school and used coin tosses to determine outcomes. We did not even have books. The DM told the whole thing like a story we got to interact with. Very basic and tons of fun. That lasted a few months than the GM moved away.

That was that till 1986 when a school friend (named Tommy I think) was making a character in class while a lecture was going on. I remember that the character sheet was much more interesting that the lesson. I recognized the stat block from two years before. After class I asked him about it. 

He was making a character for AD&D. As I did not fully grasp everything he was talking about it was decided that he would loan me something to help. The next day I got my hands on the D&D basic Red books. I read them over night and a few days later I went to Tommy's house and played my first actual D&D game (and also painted my first miniature around the same time-but that's another story)

Well That's all I have for now so till next time...


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Journal 33

I can't believe it's finally done. This was my first ever actual forge world purchase- December 2009.

My bank canceled the original request because they thought it was a fraudulent purchase. I had to call Forge World in the UK at 4 AM on a Tuesday morning to  catch them when they opened so I could work out the details once the business with the bank got fixed. It was an interesting phone call as I have very little experience calling overseas and I was not even sure I had done it right till the person in Nottingham verified that in fact I had actually reached the UK. :)

Model Eye view
This Guy is HUGE! The model is almost 9 inches tall and has incredible detail. I lost track of how many hours I have put into this model but I think it paid off.  

In other news I have been working with some of the new GW weathering products. So far I think they are pretty good. I have used the rust, corrosion, blood and Nurgle's Rot. Take a look

And I just finished the first model in my Warmachine Pirate army- The Buccaneer 

The base is made from Apoxy sculpt. 

Well that's all the time I have right now.

Till next time


Friday, January 17, 2014

Journal 32 More Hobby

Hello All,

More stuff from the last few weeks. Enjoy.

Nid concepts

Side view

Classic Orc Shaman

Mantic Ghouls (With GW Blood effects)

LOTR (Army Painter Dip test)
Well it's late so off to bed...
Till next time

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Journal 31 Warmchine/Hordes

Hello all,

Another quick update. I have great news. My wife has discovered Warmachine and Hordes! Rather she already knew about them but recently decided to give the game a go. To encourage this I gave her the starter set for circle that came with the two player set from Privateer Press.

Last Friday we played our first game. It was a small beast and caster duel (around 11 points a side.) Circle vs. Everblight. She managed a win by taking out my caster with an aggressive all or nothing charge that would have spelled her doom if it had not gone off so well. Needless to say this is what needed to happen to cement her enjoyment of the game.

The setup for our practice game

Beat-down in progress

Mad charge about to happen

The next day she started painting her circle force!  This is a big deal as she has not touched a brush since last Feb. Here is the first model she completed  the Winter Argus. Enjoy!

 Not only does she want to continue to play Hordes but she decided to get a second army this time for Warmachine. She has decided to go with Cygnar.

Till next time


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Journal 30 Quick Hobby Update

Hello All,

Happy New year and all that. I Just wanted to share a fer of the projects from 2013 I have been finishing up lately. I hope you enjoy them.

The Space Rats- I am building a Veer-Myn /IG army for my son to use for Sci-Fi Games. I have finished a few models as test schemes What do you think?

The Basic Trooper 
The General

Heave weapon team

I also finished some Dwarf Models I started a while back 


Well That's all the time I have now.



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

My resolution is to get more games in than ever before!