Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Great Sadness...

Price increase on the way... Take a look here

I am most surprised about the new fantasy hardbacks since they are so new. I thought they would already be priced at the new rate.


P.P. games are looking better and better... (if only the models were better- Jacks not withstanding)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Check Out the new Logo!

Let me know what you think...


Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Gray Knight Project 1

Hello All,

I have started work on a Gray Knight Army. I know this may seem like band Wagon jumping but I have my reasons. And they go all the way back to a time long ago when a small squad of Grey Knight Terminators obliterated my entire squad of squats (yes THAT long ago) in my first game ever. I only had the one squad and that had the effect of me going to Fantasy instead. at least for a few years.

I have always had a sense that the GK were totally bad *Censored* and that I would Never collect them because of that traumatic experience so long ago. But times change and so do opinions. These days I think they just look too cool to pass up. So here I am starting a collection of the army that almost made me drop 40K before I ever gave it a chance.

That being said I have decided to take a different approach to building this army. I have decided to Buy, Build, and paint the army one unit at a time. I know this fly's in the face of conventional thinking (in this hobby) but I am looking at it as a test of personal discipline. Can I resist buying a regiment box or several units at one time? I think I can (despite the suggestive selling I get at my FLGS.) Some will never understand and that is OK. I don't expect anyone to.
The final result will be an Army that , when the last miniature is purchased and painted, will complete the army (as apposed to having a bunch of kits in a closet that may never see the light of day but are considered a part of the army anyway.

I have decided to start with the Dread Knight. Here are the pics of what has been done so far...