Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Journal #12

Buildings and Flyers

Hello all,

Just a quick update on what I have been working on lately. As I have been busy with all kinds of stuff these last few weeks the work on the Hobby side has slowed down to a crawl. I did manager to get a few things worked on but honestly nothing is really ready to show. Be that as it may I intend to show off some of the stuff I am proud of.

The Infinity Box Buildings. 

This was a great idea that unfortunately did not survive contact with the enemy which in this case was water based paint. The decoration on the sides and top were made using a special kind of paper cutting printer and card stock. these pieces were then glued to the sides and top in a specific order. this was all well and good but for 2 problems.

  1. Having them glued on makes painting them slower.
  2. the water based paint we used to prime them relaxed the glue and made the decorations start to peel.

See the ladder
Well my first bright idea was to attach the fixtures on firmly with. You guessed it. More glue! I then pinned down the parts that stuck up till they dried.

The problem is that the painting will still be slow. I thought and thought then something Mike said hit me. He suggested removing the parts and doing them over. I thought that if I could remove the sides without damaging them I could repaint the decorations in a different color and make a nice looking building quickly. 
I gave it a try and BAM it came right off. (So much for the spray adhesive) so here are some pics of the process

Painted Red

A blue green
Some of the repainted decorations

The buildings before re-priming
Primed and ready
Finished product #1
Finished Product #2
Infinity Table

Here are some of the parts for my Infinity SPACEPORT project

Storage containers for the Blue Zone

Courier Rocket
Razorwing Jet Fighter

WIP: Painted in a cool blue.
Well that's all for now.
Till next time



  1. The tacky glue does that when wet. Never had that problem with PVA glue. If you want permanent though, use wood glue--aliphatic resin--Titebond premium for thick glue and Titebond ultimate for everything else. Oh, and you need to remove any coating on the paper before gluing...220 grit or 240 grit wet/dry sandpaper or just scrape it off.

    Nice looking buildings RGH. I like 'em :). Ditch that razorweenie thing though. Get a drop ship of some sort.

  2. I have a drop ship. I just need to assemble and paint it. :)
    top of page 3.

    Not a bad kit but the shipping was killer.

  3. It's cute. Doesn't look too hard to assemble. Some people are using the Avenger's Quinjet (see Amazon) or they use the UD-12 Chicken hawk paper craft drop ship here on this page A lot of Topo's work makes it onto infinity tables.

  4. Those are buildings? I thought you were making some kind of Cenobite Puzzle Boxes...

    Got enough pins on them?