Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The New GW symbol

Because this is how they want us

"Kept in the dark and fed BS"

Right or wrong I don't agree with GW's way of handling most things but using a tool like blogger (Google) to have websites removed seem like a really sissy way of handling things.

Boo on you GW.

More on this when I calm down.



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NOVA Build session advertisement

Hello All,

The Next build session for the 2013 Nova Open will be this Saturday April 27th.

From the Wrangler-

'Current plan, until I am told otherwise, is to do a bunch of Infinity terrain so bring some creativity and your love of adhesives. Plus be sure to ask Mike about Chicago style pizza. Same Bat time, same Bat place.

RSVP .. or no lunch for you!'

For those who do not know the start time will be 10 AM and run till 5 PM. Lunch will be served but I have no idea what it will be. So far the food has been top notch. 

I hope to see you there.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Air Brush Practice and something in the mail AKA: Rogue General Hunter's day off

Hello all,

I stayed home from work today because I suffer from occasional insomnia. Last night was one of those nights. After 5 hours of trying to sleep I decided to get up and watch a movie. I ended up watching "the Space Children" . I was able to get to sleep after that but it was already 3:30 and I needed to get up by 4:30 for work. I decided to stay home.

I also decided this morning that I would not waste the day. I wanted to practice with my airbrush since it was a nice day and the wife had to go in to her job. :)

I am working on a Forge world Brass scorpion and I want to match the pattern on the forge world site. I also have a Reaver Titan (old Armorcast) that I am thinking of doing in green or Blue.

Below are the 2nd set of test pieces.

The middle 2 are almost the same

The Blue card is using a simple fading technique that has eluded me for some time but came to me in a flash this morning

No Flash on this picture

The Red cards are two attempts to match the Forge world version. At this point they are the same but I intend to do the glosses a little differently on each one.

The Green one is using the same technique as the red but with Green. I have marked a red line to allow me to compare changes to the process. I wish I had thought of it earlier. 

Yellow wash on the left Green on the right
This weekend I plan to add more coats and play with the colors some. Wish me luck

The Gun!

While I was waiting for the washes to dry I decided to work on a scenery project. The body of this turret was the cardboard brace for a piece of IT equipment from work. The larger part of the barrel is a plastic tube and the smaller barrel part is a 7/11 Slurpee straw with the spoon part cut off. plastic card, card stock, and the hatch from an old Rhino make up the rest of it. the whole thing is glued to an old CD.

Here is the original fresh from assembly

The wife thought a smiley face would make it less threatening 
I decided to paint it up today. I must say that the Minitaire line of paint is pretty sweat! I like the gray as it works on most everything. The Washes will take getting used to but I am in for the long haul on this one so bring it on!

Anyway. I painted the defense cannon using nothing but the air brush and it came out like this...

Not bad for a first attempt.
On a final note I got a package in the mail today and guess what it was... Give up?

An old Epicast Falcon Grav tank!

It's an original baby! No one would make a tank this badly today. 
Well that was Rogue General Hunter's day off. all in all great fun.
Tomorrow back to the grind!



Sunday, April 7, 2013

Updates- 2013

Hello All,

Just a quick update to show everyone what I have been up to lately. This is not a "Deep reflections" kind of post but more of a snapshot of the Hobby world I live in. 

New Stuff- 


With the release of Tau yesterday I decided to take the plunge and get some stuff. I got the book and some of the new models. I have only just started on the book so it may be some time before I dig into the new kits.

Empire Pirate Army

Thanks to an overwhelming positive response (on the blog and off)  I have decided to go with this idea. This should be fun and mostly painless. I have a large Empire army already that I can raid to get some of the units. There will need to be some painting adjustments to make them fit but it will be faster than starting from scratch. I am really excited about this project!

Older stuff-

Dark Angels "Task Force Vengeance"  - TFV112013

This project involves building a Dark Angel (DA) army that is made up of  all 7 chapters that are associated with the DA legion of old. This is built along the lines of the old Crusade armies from 2nd edition. I am attempting to complete a unit a week. So far I am three for three.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3
Other Projects 

I am working on or gearing up for several other projects. I will go into them when I have something to talk about. My wife says I have the attention span of a crow in a jewelry store so we will have to wait and see what pans out.

Till next time


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Empire Army Idea

Hello all,

I had this really neat idea for a Pirate themed Empire Army (for WH Fantasy) earlier tonight and I thought I would share. The basic idea is that the Pirate Ship "Bloody Vengeance" is in Marienburg port when an Undead Army invades by ghost Ships. The Lords of Marienburg seal off the better parts of the city leaving the people of the docks quarter to fend for themselves.  Captain Jackaby of the Vengeance organizes a rag tag band of locals along with the local militia and supported by a unit of the city Governor's own Greatswords who refused to stand by and do nothing. 

Here is the list I came up with... (Using Army Builder)


3000 Pts - Empire Roster - Pirate Army 3K

Officers (5#, 767 pts)
   1 Pirate Captain: Jackaby (General of the Empire), 196 pts (General; Hold the Line; Hand Weapon; Handgun)
      1 Sword of Striking
      1 Armour of Meteoric Iron
      1 Talisman of Endurance
   1 First Mate: Mr. Smith (Captain of the Empire BSB), 126 pts (Hold the Line; Hand Weapon; Full Plate Armour; Battle Standard Bearer)
      1 War Banner
   1 Father Grim (Witch Hunter), 85 pts (Grim Resolve; Tools of Judgement; Hand Weapon; Pistol; Brace of Pistols; Light Armour; Magic Resistance (2))
      1 Shrieking Blade
      1 Gambler's Armour
   1 Ships Mage: Dark Thule (LV 4 Battle Wizard/ Death), 245 pts (Level 4 Upgrade; Hand Weapon)
      1 Talisman of Preservation
      1 The Lore of Death
   1 Bosun: Goldwiser (LV1 Battle Mage/ Metal), 115 pts (Hand Weapon)
      1 Dispel Scroll
      1 Terrifying Mask of Eee!
      1 The Lore of Metal
Greatswords (170#, 1550 pts)
   19 Marienburg's finest (Greatswords), 260 pts (Always Strikes Last; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Full Plate Armour; Stubborn)
      1 Count's Champion (Always Strikes Last; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Full Plate Armour)
      1 Banner of Eternal Flame
   19 Marienburg City Watch (Swordsmen) #1, 215 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Shield)
      1 Duellist (Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Shield)
      5 [Det] Handgunners (Hand Weapon; Handgun)
   19 Marienburg City Watch (Swordsmen) #2, 215 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Shield)
      1 Duellist (Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Shield)
      5 [Det] Handgunners (Hand Weapon; Handgun)
   9 Morte Marco (Crossbowmen), 200 pts (Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Crossbow)
      1 Giuseppe Giovanni (Marksman) (Hand Weapon; Crossbow)
      5 [Det] Crossbowmen (Hand Weapon; Crossbow)
      5 [Det] Crossbowmen (Hand Weapon; Crossbow)
   29 The Seadogs of the Bloody Vengence (Free Company), 210 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon; Extra Attack)
      1 Sergeant (Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon; Extra Attack)
   29 Marienburg Dock Workers (Free Company), 210 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon; Extra Attack)
      1 Sergeant (Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon; Extra Attack)
   20 Marienburg Drunk Rabble (Flagellants), 240 pts (Berserk Rage; Flail; Frenzy; Immune to Psychology; Unbreakable)

War Engines (24#, 680 pts)
   1 Gift of Cathey (Rocket Battery), 120 pts (Helstorm Rockets)
      3 Crew (Hand Weapon)
   1 Molly (Mortar), 100 pts (Mortar)
      3 Crew (Hand Weapon)
   1 Maggie (Mortar), 100 pts (Mortar)
      3 Crew (Hand Weapon)
   1 Big Nose Kate (Great Cannon), 120 pts
      3 Crew (Hand Weapon)
   1 Bertha (Great Cannon), 120 pts
      3 Crew (Hand Weapon)
   1 Genny (Great Cannon), 120 pts
      3 Crew (Hand Weapon)

Validation Report:
Edition: 8th Edition; Army Subtype: Empire Army; Game Type: Normal Game
Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Total Roster Cost: 2997

Very fluffy

Till next time