Monday, June 3, 2013

Ranting thoughts

Eldar are so cool!

Hello All,

Just a quick question.

Anyone else think all the digital Only stuff GW is putting out is BS?

New Journal entry coming as soon as I can get through all the study material...




  1. Yes it sucks. Bought the csm dex on iPad and I will never buy another digital codex from GW again. Not user friendly , too expensive, and is such mediocre experience vs the book. If it was less money maybe they would see more people buy it as well as different options like android etc for viewing.

    On another note seems like eldar is not a tau dex but more like a daemon dex.

  2. No. It is a brilliant idea. Just that the execution is, well, typical 'Nottingham style'--sheriff of Nottingham style :Δ

  3. Fantastic feedback guys!

    I Actually agree with both opinions. I do like the idea of the digital products (as it is "the coming thing") but I found it frustrating that they are putting out a digital only book with actual rules. Getting it will cost me over 300 dollars as I have to buy an Ipad to view it. Painting guides and digital versions of existing books are one thing but having a rule book (even one as specific as a single faction inside an existing army) that is digital only and only available in one of the most expensive viewing formats feels insulting to me.

    From the description on the GW site: "This digital supplement also includes lavish full colour artwork, an interactive miniatures gallery and handy quick-links for special rules and wargear."

    Thanks again for the feedback- keep it coming