Monday, December 27, 2010

The Skaven Are Done!- Hobby Update

Good News!

The Skaven are done! Finally.

Here is a Quick Video of The Skaven Army that I completed for the Boy.

I hope everyone had a great Holiday!!!



Pictures of specific units will become available soon...

Monday, December 20, 2010

December Projects- Long Winded version

Hello All!!!

I have two projects I have been working on since December 1.

Project 1:

Used without permission

The Wife has informed me that the Skaven project is not over. That’s real nice since it’s almost the end of the year and I already announced that the army was done. She stated (in my local GW store no less) that the Island of Blood set does count towards my son's army on the grounds that I am not allowed to own a Skaven (or Wood Elf or Dark Elf) army under any circumstances.* She was kidding but it made my competitive side take notice.

So There I was with less than 30 days till new years and the entire Island of Blood Skaven set needing to be painted. I decided that it CAN be done. There are 47 Skaven models in the box set:

20 Clan Rats with shields and hand weapons
20 Clan Rats with shields and spears
2 Rat Ogres
1 Pack master (for the Rat Ogres)
2 Weapon teams (Warp fire thrower and Poison wind Mortar)
1 Warplock Engineer
1 Warlord

As of 12/20 32 of the 47 are done.

20 Clan Rats with shields and hand weapons
10 Clan Rats with shields and spears
0 Rat Ogres
0 Pack master (for the Rat Ogres)
2 Weapon teams (Warp fire thrower and Poison wind Mortar) - completed in November
0 Warplock Engineer
0 Warlords

In January I will post the entire collection including some group shots just for fun.

* See Project 2


Project 2:

Used without permission

The other project I am working on is a Daemon army for 40K- That’s right I said a Daemon army. Those of you that know me understand that I don't care for the Daemon army in WH Fantasy because of the stigma attached to them. (For those that don't know: They were WAY over powered in 7th ed) I also didn't really like many of the models. I have never seen a Pink or Blue horror that didn't look stupid. Flamers are even worse. Most of the others are OK.

In the old days when you could freely mix Daemons with warriors of Chaos I used some Furies as march blockers; (The good old days.) It never occurred to make a Daemon 40K army but then late last month it hit me... Why not! (It didn't hurt that I have acquired tons of the stuff over the years)

I decided that the project will have to be different than any other I have done in the past.

The rules:
  1. I must build an army list before I start (2000- 2500 points) - Only build what is in the list
  2. As much as possible use what I already have- Keep costs low and use stuff that has been sitting around for ages.
  3. Use alternate models for units I don't like- must also be in my collection if possible.
  4. Must use recognized 3 color minimum (or Better) for each unit.
  5. Army must be complete and ready for play by the end of New Year’s weekend. January-3-2011
Notes so far:

Rule 1: The army lists and several variants are complete. They range from 2K- 2.5K as required.

2 Greater Daemons (Nurgle and slaanesh at this point but I also have Khorne and Tzeentch)
12 Bloodletters- Standard
11 Plaguebearers (using Skaven Plague Monks- They look great)
5 bases of Nurglings (using a mix of Skaven Rats and actual Nurglings)
10 Daemonettes- Standard
15 Pink and Blue Horrors (using Wood Elf Dryads- New Models)
3 Beasts of Nurgle (2 Old school Models from my Bitz collection and a D&D Carrion Crawlwer repainted to fit in)
3 Fiends of Slaanesh (3 Abyssal Ravagers from the old "Chainmail" game)
Fast Attack:
10 Flesh Hounds of Khorne (Made from dire wolves- The ripped flesh versions)
3 Screamers of Tzeentch (Made from 3 very old discs of Tzeentch with wood elf bits attached)
5 Furies of Chaos (Made from old Harpies- The really ugly ones- I did not find out they were Harpies until a few years ago.)
Heavy Support:
2 Daemon Princes (1 is Belakor from the Fantasy line the other is G├║lavhar - the terror of Arnor from LOTR)

Rule 2: So far so good on this one. The only thing I had to buy was a box of Dryads ( the Wife would not let me have her extra ones) and the Codex. Everything
else has been in house.

Rule 3: As listed above I used models from the D&D line (the prepainted plastic ones) and Chainmail (The older- and better- metal D&D line) I also used several
models from the Fantasy and one LOTR model for this project.

Rule 4: The only models that are even close to the 3 color minimum are the Pink and Blue Horrors. That is just because I think the simple color scheeme
makes them really stand out.

Rule 5: Am I on track? So fare the following models are done as of 12/20.

1 Greater Daemon (Nurgle)
11 Plaguebearers
5 bases of Nurglings
15 Pink and Blue Horrors
3 Beasts of Nurgle
1 Fiends of Slaanesh
Fast Attack:
3 Screamers of Tzeentch
5 Furies of Chaos
Heavy Support
2 Daemon Princes

I know it's a tall order for this time of year but what the hell...

I think I can make it.

(Pictures to come)

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!!!!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Just your run of the mill update...


Holidays are a rough time for Blog posts! Consider this a IOU on a nice new post coming soon.

While you wait please enjoy these picks of Recent works...

Limited edition Skaven Warlord Released in October.

Skaven Warp Fire Thrower from Island of Blood!!



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Knights and stuff

Grail Knight

I have recently finished a model for the joint Bretonnian army my misses and I have been building for the last 3 1/2 years.

This is an old school (5th ed) Grail Knight. We intend to use him as a hero level character to place in the main unit of Grail Knights.

Next up I have an article I wrote for The round table of Bretonnia
(This may be the best Warhammer Fantasy website I have been a member of.)

******NOTE: This guy was built for 7 th ed. (He needs to be updated for 8th but I think it should still be fun to use) - This is for Entertainment value only!

The Black Knight

This is a more comic approach to the mythical Black knight. It is loosely based on the infamous, 'None shall pass,' Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. As such it should only be used in light hearted games and of course only with the permission of your opponent. After watching the movie for the umpteenth time I have decided on three basic characteristics of the black knight:
  • First: The Black knight is practically unstoppable.
  • Second: He is impervious to pain and will fight on even after receiving wounds that would slay a lesser man.
  • Third: He seems to have an unlimited supply of weapons at his disposal.
All this together means that he is one tough cookie (unless you are King Arthur.) Something about what I described seemed familiar. Then it hit me. These are the same characteristics of Black Orcs! So that is where I started... Here are the similarities:
  • The Black knight is practically unstoppable -Black Orc's have a high Toughness score that makes them very hard to stop.
  • The Black knight is impervious to pain and will fight on even after receiving wounds that would slay a lesser man - to some degree this true of all Orcs, but Black Orc's are the ultimate example of this ideal. If you cut a black Orc's arm off he will most likely pick it up and beat you to death with it.
  • The Black Knight seems to have an unlimited supply of weapons at his disposal -The Black Orc's special ability "Armed to da Teef" pretty much covers this.

So you see similarities can be drawn. With that I give you The BLACK KNIGHT!!!

The Black Knight is a hero and as such is paid for from HERO allocation points . He must be fielded as shown below and cannot take any extra gear. He cannot be the Army General. He cannot join a unit.

Points: 200 (feedback on this is requested)

M: 4 WS: 6 BS: 3 S: 4 T: 5 W: 1 *Special I: 6 A: 3 L: 10

Mount: None

Equipment: Heavy armor, see below

Virtues: Virtue of Empathy (Always fielded on foot)

Abilities: Armed to the teeth (Variant), none shall Pass, *(Special) Unstoppable, One on One

Armed to the teeth (Variant): The Black Knight is considered to be armed with any/all of the following combinations: hand weapon and Shield, Great Weapon, Flail, or two hand weapons. He may choose a new combination or keep the current weapon(s) in any round he wins a combat. If he loses a round of combat he must stay with the current configuration. This is modified by the 'Unstoppable' rule below.

None shall pass: The Black Knight is a guardian. He must have something to guard. Having the black Knight in your army allows you to generate one extra piece of terrain. This must be something with an entrance or a way to cross. Examples include but are not limited to Bridges, Buildings, Gatehouses, and narrow passages. The piece of terrain needs to be deployed on your half of the board but does not have to be within the normal deployment zone. The Black Knight must stay within 12' of this feature. He can pursue a fleeing enemy but Stops at 12' out.

Unstoppable: 'The Black Knight is Invinciblebleble.' The Black Knight is a force of nature. He is unbreakable. In addition the Black knight will continue to fight even after his wounds are gone. While the Black Knight has one wound he fights normally (at least for him.) When the wound is taken the Black Knight looses the ability to use the great sword or two weapons. He also looses the use of his shield. This is because he has lost an arm (Even if he denies it.) The next wound will eliminate the use of the flail along with the other arm. The Black Knight is forced to kick opponents (Counts as a hand weapon for the sake of simplicity.) On the third wounding the knight's leg is removed and his movement is reduced to 1; for now he must hop. At this stage the Black Knight cannot attack and counts as having a weapon skill of 1. He will keep his opponent locked in combat until he is hit one more time. At this point the Black Knight will declare the fight a draw and can be removed from the table. But not before threatening his opponent one more time. The Opponent must make an unmodified Leadership test or stay for one more round to finish the Black Knight off. If this happens the Black Knight has a weapon skill of 0 and cannot fight back. He is slain if a hit is scored. Regardless the opponent can leave freely after this and the model is removed.

One on One: The Black Knight is the master of the dual. The following rules apply to combats with the Black Knight.

  • Missile combat: the Black Knight is only affected by missile fire done as a charge reaction. Regular missile combat has no effect on the Black Knight.
  • Magic Phase: The Black Knight is immune to most magic. Only combat magic that can (And must) be used in hand to will work on the Black Knight.
  • Hand to Hand: The Black Knight MUST accept any challenge. In addition The black Knight is ALWAYS lined up against the most powerful character in a unit he is fighting and the combat is resolved between the two opponents no one else my enter this combat. This includes Mounts. If the Black knight wins and the enemy does not break then he is moved to the next most powerful opponent and the fight continues as above. This continues until all characters and champions are defeated or 4 turns occurs.

The Main use of the Black Knight is to lock enemy characters and units up for the duration of a battle.