Thursday, July 4, 2013

Journal #14

Work under way

Hello All,

Sorry for the delay in entries. I seem to be getting past my hobby block as I have finally decided on a course of action that will (hopefully) keep me sane. I am back on the Space Wolves as I discovered that I had only 15 figures left to paint then the entire army is painted. This will be a milestone as this is the oldest 40K army I have.

Some of these guys are OLD!
I started this army in 1999. most of the core are old RT metals  and a ton of 2nd ed Plastics. many were a gift from a frind who wanted to ditch the old figures for the then new 3rd ed Space Marines plastics. I took them and started the painting them silver then dipped and repainted them as Space Wolves after a visit to my then local FLGS where I learned about the awesomeness that is the Sons of Russ! I have been slowly adding  (and taking away)  from this army for 14 years. With the completion of 8 Thunder Wolves and 6 Bikers (And Ulrik when the order gets here) the Space wolves will be complete. 

Can you tell which ones need painting?

3 Wolves under way
Once done I plan to do an entry where I configure the army for Apoc level play.

In other news- 

Work on the Infinity table continues. Check out these work in progress pics.

The Red Zone

lots of stuff to hide behind

I like the way the barriers came out
I have also been working on my old school Reaver Titan that I git back in 2010. I love me an Air Brush.

Drying in the sun

Start at the bottom and working my way up

Golden toes


Top down

Well that's all I have time for now. 

Till next time



  1. So a nearly 15 year army project. Good on you RGH. I love stuff like that. It is all about the journey, never the destination :)

  2. I wonder why some of those Space Wolf models look so familiar...

    Your Welcome.