Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anyone else think this is a stupid idea?

Of course I am used to it. my issue regularly shows up several weeks late anyway. nothing like getting the preview of a new release 2 days after the release date... :p

Makes me wounder what the meeting must be like...



Sunday, June 26, 2011


For the new Storm of Magic stuff coming next month GW is looking for pics of gamers Monsters and Wizards...

Read about it here.

I have decided to enter I would be surprised to get my stuff on the site but stranger things have happened.

Here is what I wrote

Good Evening,

Thanks for creating this opportunity. I am submitting 2 entries so keep reading.

First up...

The Dwarf Giant Slayer - A giant who's entire family has been killed by evil Dwarf Slayers and who has now taken up the Slayer oath himself

The Build- This is the Standard Giant kit but with a few minor add ins. The Mohawk and pony tail were made from Green stuff. You may also notice the prisoner in the cage as the tied up slayer from the old Skull pass box set.

Painting- Flesh was done with Dwarf flesh with a paint wash of 50/50 tanned Flesh/Dwarf Flesh (Pre-Wash era) for shade and 50/50 Dwarf flesh/Elf Flesh for highlights. Cloth- various browns and grays to bring out the patchwork look. Ribbon was done in Blues (Ultra marine and Enchanted) to contrast the browns and grey. Scales and Shields were done in Greens and reds for variety.

Battle Plan- This Giant tends to work with my Orc and Goblin Army although it sometimes get used with Chaos Warriors and Beast-men. (Any chance he can get to kill Dwarfs!!!) This Guys strategy is pretty simple Charge forward and engage the enemy as soon as possible. The idea is to lock up before he gets shot to death.

Highlights- My favorite thing about this model are people's reaction to seeing it. The Idea of a Giant dressed as a Dwarf Slayer draws a lot of attention (as well as firepower. Grrr)


The Vampire Wizard- An evil vampire in the Spirit of Nosferatu

The Build- The base of this kit is the Plastic Empire Wizard. The head and left hand are from the Ghoul Sprue. This was an entry in the "design a Wizard" contest GW ran in 2008 or 2009. (the other was the Tau Space Pope- I included a pic of him just for fun)

Painting- The inner robes were done with a Mechrite Red base with Blood Red highlights this was washed with Baal Red wash for shade (put on after the highlight to blend the colors) The outer robe was done with Bestial Brown base and Snakebite leather highlights with a Devlan Mud wash. The Skin was done with Space Wolf Grey base with a white drybrush then washed in Purple wash and Blue Wash. when dry a highlight of Space wolf grey on the edges to bring out the details. The Scythe was done in browns, greens and reds

Battle Plan- Originally this guy was built to represent a Hierophant (Liche Priest) in a Barrow King (Tomb Kings) army (Based on a page of fluff from the old Army book) and he may still fill that roll if I ever find time to finish that project. Till then he fills the roll of a Vampire count. I usually give him The level 3 Upgrade and the Blood Drinker Blade along with the powers: "Lord of the dead". "Master of the black arts", and "Supernatural terror" Making him a truly Nightmarish master of Magic and death.

Highlights- My favorite thing about this model is the way the Ghoul and human wizard parts blend together so well. I was even able to make the human wizards hand look like a Ghoul hand with just a little work with a hobby knife. I also think he captures the spirit of a truly ancient Evil.

Thank you,
Here are The Pictures I submitted

Giant Dwarf Slayer

Vampire Wizard

And Just for Fun...

The Tau Space Pope



Friday, June 24, 2011

The Last week...

Hello All,

The RGH here with a Hobby report. My report is as follows.

There is no hobby report.

Instead I have spent the last week in in exile (last weekend) and as part of a local (My kitchen) disaster recovery team.

Last Friday (June 17th) the renovation team working on the apartment above mine cut into the fire sprinkler system and ruptured a pipe causing a torrent of water to flood that apartment then flow through the walls down into mine. about 30 seconds later the pressure change in the fire suppression system caused the alarms to go off. The fire department showed up 20 minutes later. Water was coming in through every seam and corner. it was a constant flow not just a bad drip. You could see it traveling across the ceiling. It was Bad.

Like this but not nearly as cool!

It took the Fire department 45 minutes to find the proper valve to shut off the water. The entire time the alarms continued and my apartment began to float away. :(

The cat went ballistic and scratched the hell out of me when I attempted to get her out of te apartment. She had to be taken to a relatives house to calm down.

When it was over there was around an inch of standing water in my kitchen and a big part of the carpet on the dining room was soaked. Looking up you could see the water trail clearly (Still dripping.)

The Contractors took full responsibility for the incident and offered to make repairs but the Apartment management decided to go with a company that specialized in this sort of disaster. These guys are real pros. They came in the same day and and tore out all of the bad drywall, carpet padding, and ceiling padding. They placed 5 Heavy duty floor/ceiling drying fans in the kitchen and dinning room and a dehumidifier the size of R2-D2 in the kitchen in an attempt to dry the place out fast.

Looks like a Whistle

The D in R2-D2 stands for Dehumidifier

We were told that we could not stay in the apartment for at least 24 hours (We ended up staying away for 48.) We stayed at the relatives house with the Cat. I hardly slept (Damn lumpy couch.) When we could get back in the fans and stuff were still working (Loudly.) We ended up holding up in the back bedroom till everything was fixed (Tuesday) going out only for work and other necessary reasons. By COB Monday the drywall and insulation was back up and the walls and ceiling repainted. By Tuesday the carpet padding was done.Tuesday night we started putting our home back together.

While we were displaced The wife and I worked on Fantasy army lists in Army builder. We put together some crazy stuff that we hope to try out as soon as we get the apartment back to fighting form...



Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday RGH!!!

Hello All,

Can you believe it's been a year since post #1? Twelve months and 73 posts
later the RGH is running strong!

Since starting this Blog a lot has happened in the Wargamming world:

We saw the release of Warhammer 8th ed to mixed reviews (I am still not
sure if I really like it or not.) Bye bye guess range hello Uber Magic.

Malifaux hit big with the release of two new books in less than a year
"Rising Powers" and the condensed Malifaux rulebook (pocket size) GOOD

(Aged since 1998)

40K brought the Dark Eldar and Grey Knights out of the cupboard and back on
the table with new codices. This is some serious S**t for the Dark Eldar
since their last book goes all the way back to the last millennia. The Grey
Knight inspired me to build a GK army. (more later)

(Now in Hardback)

The first books for 8th ed Fantasy finally came out in early 2011 with the
release of "Orcs and Goblins" Army book in full color hard back followed a
few months later with "Tomb Kings" Army book also in color/ Hardback
format. This looks like the shape of things to come. (Note- I like the
color/hardback format. it is nice but I prefer a soft cover B/W book for
actual use)

Warmachine/Hordes saw the release of a new edition as well as lots of new
stuff including large war machines. Not really sure of the details on this
as I don't play this system. (Yet...)

GW Raised their prices (again) in June of 2011. up to 22% on some stuff.
This is outrageous but no one is twisting your arm to buy so no complaints

Citadel FINECAST Resin started at the end of May 2011 and ushered in a new
era of miniatures- All Plastic all the time.(Resin is plastic) We can all
thank China for this one... :) I like the new direction. The fincast models
are SOOOOOOO much easier to work with than the old metal and the quality is
"right there" if you know what I mean.

I attended the Nova Open in 2010 as an amateur photographer and got lots of really amazing shots of some of the best looking armies I have ever seen. I met the folks from the 11th company and the Gamers lounge along with many others! I am looking forward to Nova 2011 and beyond.

That is just the basics. I will not even go into how the various games have changed play styles (several times) in the last year. It would be too long of a post. And besides I think the guys at BOLS cover that pretty well already.

On the personal side I became a pet owner (Never had one before not even a fish) The cat is great. Best backup alarm I have ever had. :)

So in closing June 2010 to June 2011 was pretty interesting period to be in this hobby. Lots of Win! A fair amount of lose! But in all a great time to be a war gamer.

Thanks for watching!!!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hobby Update 6/9/11

Hello All,

Just a quick Hobby update to keep everyone in the loop on my current projects.

First off The Grey Knights project

Due to the recent price increases I was forced to drop my original idea of one unit at a time. Instead I have decided to jump straight in with several purchases over the last few weeks.
I have not developed a proper list but I have decided to go Vehicle heavy (A change for me since most of my 40K armies are infantry driven.)

I have managed to complete the Dread Knight in all its Glory... (I love magnets)
The Basic Model

Loaded with Guns and Sword

Hammer time

I also modified this Fantasy Empire Warrior Priest into a Grey Knight Inquisitor I shall call him "mini Coteaz"

He knows the bird is the word


Painting has been at a low for the last few weeks and my update shows it. Here are a few pics of other stuff I have
been working on

The two lizards are rubber toys I picked up at a Craft store and repainted.

The Giant Skeleton is from Reaper.

Sort of Tomb King like... :)

As always- enjoy!