Friday, July 30, 2010

The Big Surprise!!!

Last week I promised something BIG*

Her it is...



* The Iron Warlord has been in the family since 2007

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baggage Handling Complaint

Ann Sent me this fantastic clip performed by Rhod Gilbert.

This has nothing to doe with Warhammer or even the hobby.
As a matter of fact you should not be anywhere near paints, open water containers, or figures when viewing this.

DO NOT TAKE A DRINK WHILE THIS PLAYING- you might have to replace your monitor.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Skaven Project Part 7

Hello all,

This is just a quick update. I wanted to show off the latest on this project.
So without further delay...


I just finished the last of the Rat Ogres. That makes a unit of 6 with 3 handlers. These guys can knock the crap out of most opponents especially with the new STOMP rules. I used the basic color combo from the Rat Ogre I bought at the last Bazzar Bazzar. I cleaned that one up and did the others the same.

The only exception is the "twins" 2 old 3ed Rat Ogres that were mounted on a single 40X40 base. These two were painted in browns that are pretty close to the hair on the new Rat Ogres so they look pretty good together.

From the Front

Look at them in all their majesty


I had to make a special tray so the handlers could ride too.


You can see the twins on the far left.


The middle guy is an old 3ed mini that is in a pic in that rulebook but I cannot find more info on his so he is a pack master.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Gift from the Warboss

The new 8th ed rule book complete with new FAQ's already out- who would have thunk it.

There must be a new Sheriff in Nottingham.

There is a section in the new rule book that that that talks about using a GM. To many this may seem like a new concept but actually the concept of a rule judge goes waaaaaay back. Long ago before recorded history ;p -miniatures were used to to teach tactics. Students (Players) would move the troops around and a Judge (GM) would tell them the outcome of their decisions.

The Use of a GM to Ref a war game used to be standard back in early editions of Warhammer and 40K. In fact it is mentioned as the norm in the original Rogue trader. It has simply fallen out of fashion. At least till now.

In my old gaming group (I'm talking 4th ed WH here) we almost always used a GM. It seemed to make the game run better. It also made any night where we had an odd number of players less awkward.

I always liked being the GM for my group. I enjoyed the ability to control the situation and make up interesting scenarios and be able to modify them on the fly to keep the game going. this was the same in RPGs as well as tabletop Wargames.

Recently, the Warboss sent me a link to a some GM tropes called "Grand Tabletop Rules List" I felt that many apply to both Tabletop wargames and Roleplaying games. Enjoy them as they are pretty funny.

Thanks Warboss!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Things are coming!!!

Stay tuned...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Models for 8th ed Skaven and High Elves


I was at the Fair Oaks store yesterday and got to see the new figures for the Island of Blood (8th ed Box set) While the Wife and I were out today we stopped by the Springfield store. One of GW's finest assisted me with getting some really good pics of the new models...

This new box set will kick ass. I will get at least 2

Elf Greatswords
Elf Sea Guard
Elf Reavers
Griffin and Wizard
Weapon teams and Engineer
Rat Ogres & pack Masters
Clan Rats



Saturday, July 17, 2010



Over the last 5 or 6 years I have done a few Dioramas as Christmas gifts for folks. Most of them have been for my in-laws. Since I recently paid them a visit I thought I would take the opportunity to snap a few Photos of them. Note that these have nothing to do with Warhammer nor 40K.
Enjoy the pics

"Dragon Slayer"

This is the first one I did back in 2004 for my Father in-law (then my Girlfriends dad) It depicts a lone knight Battling a red dragon with his back to a cliff. I was only able to get one half way decent snapshot before the camera battery died.

"The Horror of Yig"

This one was done in in 2005 Christmas for my now Brother in law. It depicts a summoning ritual interrupted by adventurers. The figures are a mix of older and newer miniatures. The Serpent men, Candles, Sacrifice, and the Wizard are Reaper. The Fighter is an old Mitherel Lord of the Rings Miniature and the Monk is Ral-Partha (I think)

I think My more recent stuff is an improvement...

I took a break a few years off from Dioramas until 2009 when I decided to do three mini Dioramas for My wife's family. I know I had already done 2 for them but the misses thought it would be a nice gift and would mean more than just buying something for them. So I give you "The Wizard's Circle", "Dragon Rider", and "Escape from Hell"

"The Wizard's circle" (Wizard Porno Movie)

Special Note about this figure: The Misses painted this one. She did such a good job that most folks can't tell which of the three was done by her. I hope to display more of her work in the future.

I really like the way the Dragon came out on this one.

"Dragon Rider"

"Escape from Hell"

I like these Pictures but I had some trouble getting the face detail to show up. I had light issues as well as no good place to brace the Camera. I wanted to include them for posterity. The model looks better in reality.

I hope you liked them...


The Storm Raven (Sort of)

The Storm Drake

I finished putting together my Storm (Drake) Raven last night. It is built from a Valkyrie kit and the Hurricane bolters from a Land raider. To make it different I shortened the cockpit and reversed the wings. I also attached the Hurricane bolters. I magnetized the Rocket launchers (Typhoon Missile system) and built a Twin linked H. Bolter out of the Valk door guns. They are also magnetized (to the bottom of the cockpit.) I added a hatch to the underbelly behind the cockpit. for the front access point.

I think it looks cool. More to come when its painted.


The Skaven Project Part 6

Hello all,

Its been 9 days since the last time updated this topic. a lot has happened since then. 8th ed. The figures for the new Box set are at the GW stores.I have been busy. :) I did manage to get some stuff done though.

Last weekend My son came over to visit. We spent the weekend playing WH 8th at the Fair Oaks GW store. That was a blast. On the Friday my son showed up he sent me an email with a link to an ebay auction for an old edition Throt the Unclean for only 4.50. I went on and bought it for him; the shipping was as much as the darn figure!

it showed up on Monday. I finished it today.

The Gutter runners are well under way. the first litter are finished and I think they are looking pretty sweat.

The Rat Horde is HUGE!!! 53 Giant rats and 7 Pack Masters AND if Throt is leading them they DOOOOOO count towards Core requirements! That could be awsome

Last but certainly not least The Rat Ogre Conversion from Part 4.1 has been painted. I think the Gentleman who did the work did a fantastic job.


Updates are on the WAY!!!

I will be posting several updates Tonight. Keep looking!!! Here they come.


If you are looking at this Blog and not a follower I have to ask why not?
Go ahead and take the plunge. It will give me a better Idea of the real number of folks looking and will make commenting waaaaay more fun. :)

Also again...

Please let me know if you like the stuff I am posting and what kind of stuff you would like to see. I am more into the Hobby aspect but have been gaming more often lately.



Friday, July 16, 2010

New FAQ's are up

Just updated to version 1.1 for 8th ed

Here is the link Games workshop Fantasy FAQs

(these are not the same as the ones last Thursday)

The color coding for new stuff is a nice touch.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pics from 8th ed release- "Look at the Bones!!!"

The new system is a Blood Bath! I Love it!

Here are some Pics from last Saturday's 8th ed release at Fair Oaks Mall. I got to play in two games and got to see what 6 Chaos Ogres can do to a unit of Ghouls. Enjoy the pics


New Funky Deployment

The Game is under way

Mysterious forest and river. Later the river was determined to be a "River of Light."


My Teammate arrived and his 1500 point O&G army hit the field.

First turn under way

An Evil Army can be an impressive sight.

The battle at full swing

A Models Eye view of an oncoming Doomwheel.

In case anyone was wondering here is what I brought to the table...

My army: 1500 points
1. 5 Chaos Marauder Horsemen of Slaanesh
2. 11 Chosen of Khorne + Exalted Hero of Khorne (Army General)
3. 3 Dragon Ogres w/ Champion
4. 5 War hounds
5. 6 Chaos Ogres (Ogre Merc) of Slaanesh
6. 30 Chaos Marauders of Slaanesh
7. 5 War hounds
8 Sorcerer of Tzeentch L/2 with Power Familiar

My son and I were there for over 9 hours and had a blast. I spent most of Sunday recuperating.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Xaebos The Doom Wind of the North 3

The Doom Wind of the North
The Body and Base

Hello everyone,

Here is the final part of Xaebos. The Body and base. I will put out a stat line/ Rules sheet when I figure out How I want to use it. The gentlemen at the GW store had some really good ideas and I intend to think them through before I decide. Anyone who wants to throw some my way just add them to the comments.

The Gondala is made from pink foam covered in plastic card.

The Scales are made from card stock.

The main gun was made by boring a hole into the front of the body then adding plasticard to look like teeth.

The secondary cannon was made from a plastic tube a wooden ball and the plastic hole covers used for running computer wires under desks.

The lot was covered with "rivits" made from plasticard run through a leather punch.

More of the plastic struts were used to connect the airbags.

The Base.

The Base is made from wood purchased at a local craft store and a section of wooden rod.
The ruins were made from Hirst arts mold bricks.

The ground is covered with sand, Scortched and Glade Grasses with shrubs added for effect.

Xaebos was a big success at the local GW store Yesterday. For a while it even sat on top of the display case on the register counter.

Here are a few others of the finished airship

Well there it is all done. I can't wait to use it in combat!!!