Sunday, June 9, 2013

Journal #11

By Popular demand

Hello all,

After a short break (That almost broke me) I am back. I do not have that much to report other than I did not get much done since the last entry. I did some assembly and worked on some building for the NOVA open but generally speaking it was a slow period. On a non hobby side I was able to pass the certification exam that was consuming my free time for the last week or so. so yea me...

Anyway Here are some pictures with comments for your viewing pleasure

The new Broadside- Magnetized of course

Some fantasy (and Infinity) 

A better angle

Old School Dragon Princes

The Wife and I have been trying to take more walks lately for health reasons. I took my camera along on one of them. Enjoy the filler...

The road goes ever on

A drying lake 

This would make a nice scenic base

Prep work for "Celebrate Fairfax"
Anyway I hope to have more actual hobby stuff to talk about soon.




  1. Yesterday I saw the new Broadside in person for the first time. I was withholding judgment until I could see it in person, and now I have to say, the new model is a big improvement over the previous version. I was tempted to get one, until I then saw the price. $50! No, thank you. I will continue to proxy AT-43 models. My loss, to some extent, since they do look good on the board.

  2. So another ALEPH mini. Is that going to be your faction, RGH?