Thursday, December 19, 2013

Journal 29-“Sweet Home Alabama”

Hello All,

Happy Holidays and all that. I just got back Sunday night from my first business travel ever. It was for a Christmas party that the company I work for held in their home town of Montgomery, Alabama. The wife and I got flown out and given the royal treatment (nice hotel, rental car, party at a fancy country club) then sent back safe and sound in time for Christmas.

Here are some random photos from the flight that I thought were cool.

35,000 feet

Montgomery Regional Airport

Straw bales next to the runway

In gaming news- I bit the bullet and bought the full version of Warmachine “war Room.” It is a nice App. Since I bought the full package I got all the cards for all the factions.  The battle controls look interesting but I will need to learn more about the game before I can really form an opinion. One thing I did notice was that army building section does not modify points when themed army rules call for it. This is a bit of a letdown as Forward Kommander (a free site) can do it. Hopefully it will get fixed with a later update.

Menu from the app

Well that’s it for now,


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Journal 28- What is Up with 40K?

Hello all,

I have been following some interesting discussions about where 40K is going. What is with all the new digital releases that keep adding rules to an already "top heavy" system? What is GW's master plan? Do they even have one? Here are some of the discussions from the last few days

Faeit 212

Frontline Gaming

Whisky & 40K

I am not really sure what is going to happen but it will be one for the record books.


On the other hand I am still enjoying Star Trek Attack Wing

I managed to get a Game in over thanksgiving to teach my son the basics. The Enterprise D is one heck of a ship!

Anyone on the fence about this game should take the plunge and get it.

Till next time.