Saturday, November 14, 2015

Loot & Pillage!

Hello All,

"Loot and Pillage" was a catch phrase of a friend of mine who passed away a few years ago. He used it when our gaming group would head out to a game store or at a convention when we would descend en-mass to the vendor hall. What usually followed was spending frenzy that left wallets aching for weeks!

My wife and I decided to hit the Chantilly Game Parlor before they close their doors forever. This weeks everything is at 45% off. Next week 55%. They close their doors the day before thanksgiving. Anything not sold is going on eBay. I have been going to the Game Parlor since the mid 90's so I am a little sad to see it go away but I must admit that I have not spent as much time there as I have in years past especially since the Woodbridge location closed  a few years ago. 

While there we picked up a ton of stuff much of which we would never have bought if it was not on sale. I grabbed stuff I remember looking at 15 years ago. "Just cause" 

Here are some pictures

81 miniatures in total 
Yep that's Golfags Ogres  box you see there. That thing sat there so long it sun faded. I remember looking at it years ago (2007 or 2008) and deciding 80.00 was way too expensive for 5 out of date (even back then) ogres! But at 45% off I could do it.

My wife picked up some vintage RPG books Part 1

Part 2

I snagged a few books myself.
The Dark Eldar book was the store copy so they sold it for 15.00 and I managed to snag a copy of the new Terminator miniatures rule book.

In all we took three shopping bags out of there full to the top with stuff.  

Boxley would be proud 

================In other News=========


I snagged some Iron Golems for Frostgrave and decided to repaint them 
They were prepaints from the old D&D miniatures line.

OK but I thought they could use some help

Here are some before and after side by sides for comparison 

Not a huge difference but a little weathering and base work can go a long way.



Sunday, November 8, 2015

Frostgrave- Next Game

Hello All,

Recently got a chance to play a game of Frostgrave. This time I decided to try the Witch as my caster. Good Choice as I pulled off a win. I used my old Malifaux crew as the core of this force. Here is my list

The Old Crone- Witch w/Staff
Sheers- Apprentice w/Hand weapon
Bard- Archer
Blades- Treasurer Hunter
Bravd- Treasurer Hunter
Leopold- Infantryman
Weasel- Thief
Pirate- Thug

Using a precast I was able to summon an Animal companion- I went with the Bear! Unfortunately a random encounter with a small construct saw the bear killed (Sometimes a natural 20 is a bitch)

I managed to grab 2 treasures quickly and was able to capitalize on a failed cast by my opponent allowing me to take out his apprentice and eventually gang up on his wizard. I won the game 4 treasures to two.

The Table layout

Treasures await the brave!

The crew advances

A Bear

Enemy Thug and bound Lesser Demon

Enemy Wizard advances

Keep to the shadows

My crew advances on the Demon and Thug

After the Demon and Thug are dispatched a thief attacks from the shadows

And is quickly dealt with and soon after the apprentice

The Weasel is making ground removing treasure

The Enemy moving in for the final show down.

It was a lot of fun but I am still working out the randomness of the systems D20 base. It can be brutal and adds a little bit of realism to the game that often fails to get captured by other games of this type. The optional critical  rules are particularly nasty! They are really cool but can be unsettling until you get used to them.
Till Next time.