Saturday, February 8, 2014

Journal 37

Hello All,

Earlier in the week I had a chance to communicate with both the Fantasy and Warmachine NOVA folks. 

I was able to get some usable reference pictures for our Fantasy terrain. These are from their local gaming place.

Notice the pond?

For Warmachine I made a prototype for the new hill design requested by the lead. check it out-

Start with a 6x8 1" tall piece of foam

cut out a rough oval

for scale

straight sides for accuracy

All together now!

Well that's all the time I have for now 



Sunday, February 2, 2014

Journal 36

Hello all,

Today I picked up the two new White Dwarf Magazines. White Dwarf Weekly and Visions. After giving them the once over here are my impressions.

 The New White Dwarf Magazines

What was promised?
Two new magazines
·         Visions-
o   all sorts of cool pictures of GW miniatures
o   For the Hobbyist
o   228 pages
o   Only 12.00 per issue
·         White Dwarf Weekly-
o   For the Gamer
o   Game articles
o   Painting articles
o   Previews for new stuff
o   Weekly
o   Only 4.00

What was delivered?
Two new ads and a higher price
·         Visions
o   Good pictures but similar pictures can be found on the internet for free.
o   It is for the Hobbyist but only if all you like to do is look at pictures of finished models
o   228 pages but the book is a smaller paper size (Bumper sized) so it may not be that much more for the cost
o   For 12.00 not such a great cost point.
·         White Dwarf Weekly-
o   For the Gamer- sure why not.
o   There are 7 articles (Painting and hobby) in the 32 page book. Thumbs up!
o   Previews. Well You have to go to page 14 before you find an article
o   Weekly is ok but that means 8-10 dollars a month


The weekly magazine is ok and maybe worth getting on an issue by issue basis. There are too many previews for such a small publication but the price is ok if that particular issue has what you want in it.

“Visions” is rubbish plain and simple. Here is what you get for your 12.00:
·         An even smaller book (Bumper size)
·         53 pages of Tyranid pictures
·         119 pages of various pictures
o   Hobbit
o   Armies on parade
o   Blanchitsu
o   A poorly put together battle report that was just a picture show.
o   Evey Metal pictures
·         Finally 41 more pages of Nids
o   With a short paint splatter section on … you guessed it Nids
Two other things are also different
1.       The store no longer has a “Store copy” for customer’s to looks at before shelling out the $$$. I guess they know what they are shoveling.
2.        The weekly is currently the only version available for digital. “Visions” in paper only this may change but who knows.

Thanks for reading we now return you to our normal happy blog. :)


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Journal 35 -NEW Dwarfs (Sort of)

ARRR!!! That Be Profit I See.

Hello all, 

I just saw the pre-orders up for Dwarfs and I had to share my reaction. This is from an email I sent to a friend a few minutes ago. 


4 new kits? That's it? wow. almost 9 years and 4 kits...
I hope the rumors are true  about weekly releases rather than monthly.
Then I can hope that some better stuff is coming out. (Like a book or something)

Or GW just removed all the other units from the book so any other company that ever made a dwarf model would find their sales reduced or gone all together. I'm looking at you Nids!"

Who is running the show over there?