Monday, October 29, 2012

G.B.S Update

Hello All,

RGH Here. I finally got a chance to break out the old Air Brush and do some work on my Brass Scorpion test piece. You remember this and this?

I have continued the steps from Imperial Armor Painting Master Class Vol: 2. In this step I added red lines to the inner part of each section. these will be part of the "Molted" effect I am shooting for. I think it came out pretty good. Take a look.

I used Foundation Red from GW
 Up next the fun part! Time for the Timiya clear paints. This stuff is interesting it says "acrylic" on the pot but not any acrylic I have ever seen. first off it stinks! As in a strong chemical smell. second it takes a special thinner to thin it down to an airbrush consistency. That being said they are some pretty cool paints. They coat well and dry quick and work exactly as advertised.

Per the IA book I started with red and applied several coats in around an hour. here is what it looked like.

 I next went with several coats of Orange that slightly changed the overall color as seen here

Lastly I went with Blue. I had my doubts but it actually brought the parts together. Check it out.

Well that's where I am now and I think so far so good!

Let me know what you think.


PS: Here is a short video of me in a towel...
Just kidding- Actually it's a short video of a nifty light effect I noticed with the test piece.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vive La Republique (Dystopian War update)

Hello all ,

RGH here with a Dystopian war update. For those of you waiting for an update on the Great Brass Scorpion fear not as one is forth coming (just as soon as I have time to break out the airbrush again.) I have been spoken to by several folks, who are kind enough to read my stuff, and told that there have not been enough updates in recent months. It was easy to ignore when the NOVA was on the horizon but now I have no real excuse... So here is are some pictures of my recent works.

A while back I had a post where I showed off my then recent French fleet for Dystopian wars. I decided to add a fleet carrier to round out the force and then went to work painting it. I finished the escorts early on and posted them here. As of this past weekend the rest of the fleet is done and ready for viewing. So without adding too much more to this here they are!

First up Group Shots

Fleet Carrier 

Battle Ships
Magenta MKII

Magenta MKI








Well that's all I have time for today. Let me know what you think...

Later RGH

Monday, October 15, 2012

Scorpion Project Update

Hello all,

I am back with an update on the Great Brass Scorpion project. Last time I showed you the plastic card test piece I made to try out the paint scheme FW used on theirs in Imperial Armor Masterclass V2.
Well I have had an opportunity to add a few layers done as close as possible to the FW style.  

After a prime of Black I painter the piece red using the Old Foundation M. Red.

Then As per the instructions I painted the piece  Brass (Vallejo)

Once dried I used my airbrush to paint lines and splotches of silver in the recessed spaces.


The next step will be to add more lines using shades of red  so that a later step will bring them all together.

Keep watching.