Saturday, August 28, 2010

Skaven Project part 9

Hello everyone,

It has been a little while since I have had an update on the Skaven Project. Well, I have two things to show. The first is the compleated additions to my son's Screaming Bell. We have the old model and I am too cheap to run out and buy a new one. Instead I decided to increase the base size to match the current model. since the old model has a foot print of roughly 40X60 mm I had plenty of extra space to work with so I added a Rat Ogre to pull the bell and defend it then I added a Regiment base and an extra 20X20mm base to finish it out. Several rocks and some extras later I have this........

The second thing to show is the completed Thanquel and Boneripper. Now that they have been mat varnished to remove the shine I think they look like a great addition this army.



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A short Update.

Hello all,

This has been a poor week in gaming since my last post.
Number of games attempted= 1
Number of games played= 0

But no worries. I had a great time hanging around the GW store last Friday night. I met a few new people (always good), talked a lot of painting (one of my favorite subjects), And got to tell some of my favorite funny stories (usually involving "DA" moments from the past.)

Note: One interesting thing I did see was a kid wearing a pair of those shoe/roller skate hybrids. I used to see them all the time but the last few years they seemed to be on the decline. When you see kids skating around on these things have you ever wanted to just stick you foot out and give natural selection a hand? I commented about this at the shop and was surprised to find that the same thought was on most of our minds as the child scooted by for the 3rd time in 10 minutes. Interesting...


On the Friday before the NOVA open I picked up a copy of Malifaux from Victory comics in Falls Church. I have been reading it and think I have a handle on the rules. I don't have any of the miniatures nor a Fate deck yet. I Like the Guild and Outcasts so far but I think each faction is really cool.

I am hoping I can get my wife to play and rekindle her enjoyment of tabletop war-games. I want to avoid her becoming "Mundane" at any cost.

To anyone reading this who also plays Malifaux any advice would be appreciated.


  • This weeks painting project- Land Raider.
  • I am finally painting my Land raider Redeemer
  • I finished the Dwarf "Goblin Hewer" and plan to run it as a grudge thrower.
  • I assembled the rest of my Chaos Warriors/Knights last week and used them to bulk up my already established units.
  • I now have 5 units of 20 warriors not counting "Chosen"
  • I have 4 units of 10 Knights including 1 with lances.
Well that's enough for now. I hope to get a game in this Friday but if not I know the conversation will be worth the trip.


Monday, August 16, 2010

My Day at the NOVA open

I showed up to the event at around 10:30 AM. I am not sure as I left my Blackberry in the car so did not look at it when I got inside. Round 1 was almost over when I got there. Straight away I went to see my friends who were participating in the event. Both were playing in the Fantasy event. One was playing Skaven and the other Lizards.

After saying my “hello’s” I wandered around the event taking pictures. There were a (censored) load of cool Armies for both Fantasy and 40K. Several stood out,

While I was wandering around I saw two fellows wearing 11th Company T-shirts. I decided to go over introduce myself. It turns out I was in the presence of Neil and the gang :). I hung out with them for the rest of the break between rounds 1 and 2. They are a pretty cool bunch and I hope to one day get a chance to hang in their neck of the woods.

Shortly before Round 2 I almost literally walked into Jay from The Gamers’ Lounge. He is a truly BIG dude; both in size and general coolness. I talked with him for a few minutes but Round 2 was about to start and gamer etiquette demands that you don’t disturb a gamer while he is playing a game so when the round was underway I wandered off…

Jays Howling Griffins!

While Round 2 was going on I checked how my friends were doing and managed to run into several other friends most of which were working for the event. Most of them were employees or former employees of GW. Many were judging armies or taking scores. While talking to one of them I heard a voice I recognized. I turned and did not see anyone I knew. Then I saw the name tag. It was Bill from the Gamers Lounge. We had a short conversation but he had to get back to work so off I went again…

I was getting tired at this point so I looked for a quiet place to sit down. While on this quest I met
Casie from the inner circle Gaming club. We spent about a half hour talking about the club and what they wish to accomplish in the next few years. All the while Casie was painting some really Cool Valks (6 or 7 of them.) I plan to look them up and learn more.

After the second round was over lunch break was called. I spoke with my friends and found that both had lost 2 in a row and would be playing at the last two tables :(
It is my hope that the last two games were the most enjoyable since the pressure was off. :)

I was invited to have lunch with Neil, Kelly, and Pat over at the “food Court” (Actually 4 or 5 fast food restaurants clustered in a parking lot near the Expo center) We went to separate places and met up at Pat’s Van to eat and talk Hobby. Good Times.

Afterwards Round three got underway and I was off again for more picture taking madness. While wandering around I met up with Bill again and managed to get a picture.

About an hour later I was getting pretty tired. I am not as young as I think I am and my body lets me know every once in a while. I was hanging around the Fantasy tables giving moral support to my friends when my wife called to ask me how things were going. This was the fist time she called all day and I was glad to hear her voice. I told her it was a blast but I was getting worn out. She suggested that I meet up with her for dinner then a movie. We had a great time Saturday night; Dinner at Outback and a chance to see “the Expendables.” All in all Saturday was a memorable occasion.



Thursday, August 12, 2010

recent works

Hello All,

This has been a slow week for me Hobby wise. I only managed to get a hand full of models finished. I did Manage to get a Fantasy game last Saturday. I brought out my Dwarfs and took on a tough WOC force at 1500 points. we played the full 6 turns and at the end I managed to lose. I had a good time. The Purple sun is a beast of a spell vs. Dwarfs. :(

Here is a shot of the battle

Recently I managed to get another of the splash releases for 8th ed.

Welcome the Bear!!!


There have been sightings of previously unseen Rat things in the cities of men. The only known image of these dangerous creatures is below...

I managed to get the Night runners unit completed a few days ago. They came out OK but I didn't build them just painted them. I could not get a good pic to come out so I decided to have a little fun with it.

Lastly The Great and powerful Lord Thanquol and Bone Ripper have been painted but still need to be hit with Dul coat.



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1500 point Dwarf army

Hello All,

This is a list I came up with a short time ago. It is a 1500 point Dwarf Army.

Here they are in all their glory

The Army was built using army builder. Basically I built it ignoring the 7th ed restrictions. it is simple but direct. I plan to ttry it out soon. I want to see how good the Dwarfs have gotten. Below is the army list.

And here are the Units

The lord

Dwarf Lord!

Dwarf Warriors with Lord in front

The Rune Priest is in this unit


The Captain has a brace of pistols


Dragon Slayer (as played by Gotrek)

Iron Breakers

20 of these bad boys


Cannon good...

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


A cool tutorial from Gratan

Gratan has been kind enough to allow me to post his most recent tutorial here. It's all about building movement trays without the GW stuff. I think they are pretty cool so take a look...

I've Got Movement!

I can't lock it down!

Well, I can actually and I did.


Over on Warseer I's asked a question about movement trays and they asked me to post a tutorial on how I was going to make mine. So I've done just that. Here we go.

Movement trays are pretty simple to make. I use 2mm thick sheet Styrene. It's probably a bit thicker than I need but I want to be sure they are sturdy enough that there wont be any mess ups when I'm moving my units around.

Cut your styrene to the desired size. Make sure you add 4mm to each side to account for the trimming.

For trim I use 2mm by 4mm strips. You can buy them from your local hobby shop.

Start with the front facing first. tack one end down with glue and then slowly work your way to the other end. You want to make sure the 2mm side is glued to the top of the tray bottom. Once you have the front done, do a side.

Then the other side. I only do 3 sides though you can do all 4 if you want. Just make sure that the side fit within the front and back strips.

Trim even and you are good to go! Thats it!

See More of Gratan's work at ALL YOUR SWORDS