Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hobby Update

Hello all,

This past Saturday Fair Oaks GW held a painting contest with a valentines day theme. Here were the rules-

From the GW Facebook Page

"Blackheart's Painting Contest! THREE categories! The "Heart Breakers" category, any Female Model. The "Heart Takers" category, any Male Model. And lastly, the "Heart Smashers" category, any Monster-sized or larger model. For fairness, all models need to start off unpainted, preferably unprimed! Entries due at 12pm Sharp on 23rd Feb! Judging at 2pm 23rd Feb!"

Well both the wife and me decided to enter. She went with a male and female entry

  • Dark Elf Witch
  • Dark Eldar Mandrake

And I decided to go in with all three.

  • Arwen on Horse
  • White Dwarf Special model (Pirate Dwarf)
  • Dark Elf Black Dragon
All of our models were assembled and primed when brought in but the folks at the store didn't mind as we signed up almost a week after most others did. The wife finisher hers a couple of days before the contest but the old RGH was working right up to just before dropping them off! The wife also had time to build a really cool display base for her entry. She was the only one to do this and it really made her stuff stick out from the crowd. 

After we dropped them off we decided to see the new Die hard flick and that was a hoot. with the movie complete we returned to the store to see how we did.  

We did pretty well...

One of the misses entries (Male I think) was only a vote or so away from wining in the male category.

Way to go baby!

I discovered that I had won "Best over all" 1st and 2nd place with my Dragon and Dwarf!
I was shocked to say the least as there were many really good entries. 

It is a nice feeling to know folks like my work...

Here are some pictures from the event

The Wife's Entries (Single models were taken before the bases were finished)


Love at first sight

A better view of the special base

Here were my entries

Arwen- This one did not do so well
This one was a lot of fun to paint

2nd place over all!
1st place- the wings were an airbrush experiment 

in other News:

First Post for the Road to NOVA blog went up today-  Look at it here

Last year I was lucky enough to be a part of the Dreamforge kick starter putting in my $$$ for a plastic Levitation Crusader. These things were supposed to be out by Christmas but due to all kinds of delays and issues they did not ship till early this month. No biggie as I have tons of crap to work on anyway. Well last week this showed up at my door.

For giggles I went ahead and put Ada together. 


Lastly- Back in December (New years eve) I got a chance to play Hobbit SBG and guess what... It's actually pretty good. I am not going to go into the rules and stuff but here are some highlight pictures.

Evil- Trolls and Orcs
Evil- Undead

Evil- more Orcs

Good- Elves

Good- Rangers of the North

Good- Rangers and Captain
Good vs. Evil
Here come the Trolls!

Trolls are Hard in this game!
Where did the Trolls go?

Victory to the forces of Good!

 Well that's all I have time for now.

 Till next time


Friday, February 8, 2013

Batman Minature Game!

A Batman Miniature game? Oh heck yea!

This has been in the works for a while but I just discovered it today. I am totally in!

Here are some links I found.



Thursday, February 7, 2013

Zany Antics from GW- Should have seen this coming!

Hello all,

This hit BOLS today and I thought I would pass it along to those of you that do not visit this site.
All I can say is WTF?!

BOLS Article

Original Article

I found this Wiki page on the subject while looking for more information.

If the Wiki is accurate I don't think GW has legs to stand on.  I think the owners of some of these estates should counter sue GW and make them stop using the term. ;p

Till next time