Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Skaven Project Part 3

Hello again,

For the third installment of this series I am continuing with weapon teams. This time around I am looking at the most feared (and rightly so) of weapon teams The warplock Jezzails!!! These guys are a center point for my sons army so I felt they needed to be done reasonably early in this project.
Yesterday I finished the last one making a group of 10. I feel like these guys took a hit with the newest Skaven book but they are still viable and deadly! so without further chittering I give you-


One of the models I have was picked up at a recent Bazaar Bazaar. He is made from Plague monks and is holding a scroll. I decided to make it into a wanted poster for the notorious Skaven sharpshooter "Rodent Hood" who steals for the rich and bullies the poor.

Please let me know what anyone thinks about the Skaven army so far...



Friday, June 25, 2010

The Skaven Project part 2

Hello again,

Short Update...
I have made progress on the Skaven army. last night I built a poison wind mortar weapon team. I decided to go with an "action" scene. I hope you like it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Skaven Project Part 1

Hello all,

As most of you know I have a son and he is into Skaven. He is not the "best" Skaven general I know but he is the most enthusiastic. He took to heart the fluff from the 6th and 7th edition army books. If you ever get a chance to play him you will see what I mean. He is one of my all time favorite opponents. again, if you ever get to play him you will see what I mean.

This is his Skaven army so far

I am currently working on some conversions for weapon teams.
Here is one for the Warp Grinder

Tonight I intend to work on the Poison wind Mortar.

More to come...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Podcasts and Progress and Pics "Oh my"

Hello all,

Earlier this week I sent a message to the fellows at the Gamers lounge attempting to make contact. Yesterday I got a reply from HuronBH. It was really positive and made my day. I can really get behind a podcast that will actually make a point to contact listeners and make them feel welcome. Great work guys! Jay even added me to his Blog roll. :)

If you have not checked them out please do so. They rock!

As of today I have 4 followers, which is 3 more than I thought I would ever get. I feel like this may be the start of something bigger than the sum of its parts.


As usual Here are two more pics from my collection

A converted Space Hulk figure done up as Wolf Guard and The commander of the "Emperor's Dragons" Vladimir Tepess (These have been up on other sites as well)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday Night Game... Not! but a good time anyway

I did not manage to get a game in on Friday night. I went to my local GW store and talked shop with the fellows at the store. I spent most of the evening assisting a fellow who wishes to start an Empire army in Fantasy. Having played Empire since 1994 I felt comfortable giving some small amount of advice on the subject.

With the coming of 8th ed I am not sure If my experience adds up to a hill of beans. The up and coming Empire General wants to utilize the new Horde rules in an aggressive fashion. things like an 80 man block of Halberds flanked with 40 man blocks of Swordsmen. things like that. in the end I tried to convince him to proxy the army with his dwarfs until he found a combo he could work with.

It was an interesting conversation.

I also had a conversation with a lady whose son plays Space Marines and who started playing Orks herself. She was telling me that her favorite part is the conversions. she told me about the Ork unit she is building that have squigs for hats... :)

Lastly I spoke with a gentleman who was building Tau Battlesuits. He managed to mount the Railguns on the arms along with the smart missle pods. The suit look like a can of Whip a$$ ready to be opened.

For the second Friday in a row I stayed until they kicked me out. It was a blast even if I didn't get a game in...

Speaking of Conversions. Here is my latest Ork truck! Made from a WWII tank kit. enjoy.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

8th edition Fantasy


Yesterday I got to spend over 2 hours with the new 8th ed Rulebook. To call it awesome is an understatement. After looking up several rules I was worried about (many were just ugly rumors) I am really pleased with the final product, so much so that I pre-ordered the book. The new system looks amazing. here are some of the highlights that caught my eye.

  • The new % system for army building feels more like a freeing up than a lock down.
  • The splitting of Hero's and lords (The ability to take a lord level in smaller games)
  • New ally rules
  • crap loads of new scenarios (No more plain Jane pitched battles)
  • multiple rank fighting
  • multiple rank shooting
  • new combat res stuff
  • attacks are always in initiative order.
  • Stomp attacks for monstrous units
  • 3 model = rank bonus for 40mm + base size units
  • Totally New Magic system- It is fast and nasty
  • almost 80 common magic items
  • 528 pages of butt kicking for goodness
I could go on all day with this! This is Warhammer like never before.
I think the playing field just got leveled.

Welcome to the New world!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Recent works of mine

Just a quick post to show off some of my work.

Enjoy :)

Dwarf Rangers

Warlord Queek

Vanguard Marines

I hope you like them.

The A-Team- and other stuff...

Yesterday My Wife and I went to see the new Movie "The A-Team"

It was a wild ride with plenty of action. The cast gave good performances Liam Neeson was a worry early on but proved he was up to the task. Over all it was a fun movie.

It made me think of starting a guard army with units based on movie/TV themes


The A-Team- Make a great Kill team
Kelley's Heroes- I have an idea for a whole army based on this one
The Dirty Dozen- Good Idea for a penal squad
Predator- Catachan command squad with Schwarzenegger as the commander and Carl Weathers as the Commissar.

More To come...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My first 40K Victory!!!!

The Emperor's Dragons vs. Da Orks

The Emperors Dragons are my home brewed Space Marine Chapter.
They look Like this.

This was a 1000 point game- Annihilation with Pitched deployment

My army

SM Captain in Artificer power Armor with Bolter and power sword.
10 Marine Tac squad w/ Powerfist, Las Cannon, Melta gun and a Razorback/H. Bolter (in Combat squads)
  • 5 Man combat squad- Sgt., Melta, and 3 Bolters- Razorback
  • 5 Man combat squad - Las Cannon, 4 Bolters
5 man scout squad w/3 Sniper Rifles, heavy Bolter, 1 combat knife+Bolt pistol
5 man devastator squad w/ 2 Missile launchers, Las Cannon, Heavy Bolter
6 Man Sternguard Vet squad all Bolters + Sgt w/power sword and a Rhino
Dreadnought w/ Multimelta + DCC weapon

My Opponent

20+ Boyz squad
20 Boyz in a Battle Wagon
3 Killa Kans
1 Deff Dread
1 wartrack
1 DeffKopta

Most had upgrades-
The Battle Wagon was protected by a Kustom Force field

I am not going to write a blow by blow account. Just some highlights

  • My Razorback took out the war track in the first shot of the game.
  • The Dreadnought and the Deff Dread squared off at around 6" the Dreadnought got to shoot first and shot the Deff Dread destroying it in one go.
  • The Dreadnought, immobilized after being Rammed by the Battle wagon, managed to destroy the main gun on the Ork Tank with his "death or Glory" attempt. On my next turn The Melta equiped combat squad managed to immobilize the battle wagon. By mutual agreement it was decided that the Dread could decide to use the multi-melta or D.C.C weapon since they were both immobilized in base contact. I opted for the MM but I flubbed the roll (Meh.) The next turn the melta equipped combat squad (now reduced to the melta and Sgt. thanks to Ork firepower.) Blasted the Battle Wagon to sludge and assaulted the 15 or so Orks that survived the rest of the shooting phase managing to kill 2 more and survive the onslaught that followed.
  • After surviving a bombing run from the DeffKopta the Razorback blasted it with 3 hits from its Heavy Bolter making it D.O.A
  • Managed to destroy all of the Ork Vehicles except two of the Killa Kans.
The Battle lasted 4 turns (store closed for the night)

I won 4-0 taking out the War Track, the Deff Dread, the Battle Wagon, and the Deffkopta. all of my units were intact

My MVP was the Razorback.

This guy took out the War track, DeffKopta, and opened up on the Ork hord slogging across the board weakening them for the Sternguard who were waiting for the Rhino driver to fix the busted fan belt. (it was immobilized and the Sternguard got out to shoot at the oncoming Ork horde)

Honorable Mention goes to the Tac Squad Sgt.

Just for surviving a battle with tons of Orks and managing to kill several in the process despite the Kustom Force field. Last time I used him he managed to kill a Wolf Lord in hand to hand!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The first post

This is the first in what is hoped to be a long line of interesting posts. The Rogue General Hunter is all about the Warhammer, 40K, LOTR, and WOTR hobby. I have been playing with and painting miniatures for almost 25 years.

More to come.... (I have to get back to work)

Its a little later now and I am back. As I was saying, I painted my first model in 1986around the same time I was learning to play D&D. I used Testors Model paint and had no idea what I was doing...
I was so proud of that little Barbarian.

About a week later my little sister got a hold of it and (using my testors black) repainted it for me!

After that I piddled around with minis for a few years painting this or that for D&D, Star frontiers, Traveler, Battletech or whatever was needed. I did not discover water based acrylic paints until 1989 when my buddy (and primary DM of our gaming group) bought a Ral Partha paint set.

At first I was resistant to change. but after he gave me a set of Primary colors for my birthday I was hooked. My painting did not get any better but at least I did not need thinner any more.

in 1993 I discovered Warhammer Fantasy and 40K! My first 40K experience will be the subject of a future post. As to fantasy I started with Undead. I bought a lot of Skeletons and painted them using flesh tones (its an interesting effect.) In those days there were no Vampire counts just the Undead Horde. my Undead were a force to be reckoned with. At least until the first time I used them. After a while I discovered the Empire and have been a loyal subject of Karl Franz ever since.

After I started playing Warhammer my painting skill improved (mostly through repetition.)
since then I have attempted to learn as much as I can about the hobby (Focusing mostly on painting) I have moved into modeling and conversions as well as dabbling in scratch builds.

I think at this time the focus of this Blog should be painting, modeling and conversions with a smattering of amusing stories and General BS.

So if the above amused you stay tuned there should be more to come.

Just to get the ball rolling I am including 2 projects fro 2009 both were for contests at my local GW store.

The Space Pope and the Manor House