Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Peak Performance Event (Attack Wing)

Hello All,

This past Sunday I ran the attack wing event “Peak Performance.” Once again the turnout was small so we decided to make a day of it and throw the normal strictures out the window.

The setup

Cool dice tower made by one of the players using a 3D printer

He really designed it himself!

Round 1 used the scenario proper. The fleets looked good as both limited themselves to a single faction for their ships (upgrades were multi faction)  even though this was not a requirement.  Player 1 used 2 Reman Warbirds and a Romulan Scout Ship while player 2 used a Dominion fleet with a Jem'hadar Battle Cruiser, Cardassian Keldon Class, and two squadrons of Hideki fighters. The battle was a game of cat and mouse until the Romulan scout ship got separated from its fellows and was destroyed in a cross fire from the two squadrons of fighters. Before it was over it was destroyed two more times. (scenario specific rules allowed ships to “resurrect” throughout the battle.) allowing the Dominion player to win 3-0

Round two both players decided to use  new fleets- Player 1 switched to a Federation Fleet consisting of the USS Enterprise (Refit), The USS Voyager, and a squadron of Federation Fighters. Player 2 requested to use the ringer fleet that I designed. It consisted of a mixed bag of ships and felt a little out of place with what others created. It had the Species 8472 Bioship Alpha with Captain Spock, The USS Enterprise D with  Khan in the command chair and another Romulan Scout ship with General Martok in command.


This battle was an exercise in what can go wrong in maneuvering. The Ringer fleet hit the planet in turn three and the entire fleet “Bumped” into each other causing the whole side to get no actions that turn! While that was going on the Federation fleet played leapfrog with Voyager and Enterprise and kept bumping as well. It was hilarious. In the end the Federation Player won by destroying the 8472 Bioship while only losing the Enterprise. Basically it came down to who lost the more expensive ship.

Planet bumping!

For round three we decided to do a “free for all” each of us took one ship with a 50 point cap and played the starter set 3 player “Triple threat” match. I decided to go with Bioship alpha (with a few changes from the ringer fleet design) while player 1 went for the Scimitar (Reman Warbird) and player Two went back to the Jem'hadar Battle Cruiser. The Battle cruiser went down by turn three as it took heavy fire from two turns of shooting by my Bioship. The Scimitar skated around and managwer to hit me hard knocking off all of my remaining shields and three hull. I turned hard and fled giving me time to regenerate my ship’s hull back to full before engaging again. It was at this point that I failed to out guess my opponents maneuver and ended up face to face rather than on his 6 o’clock. I fired knowing that he had a card that would allow him to shoot a second time if my shooting did any damage. Time was running out and his initial barrage took me down to 2 hull. I was hoping for to do enough damage to take him out first . unfortunately I did not and his free return fire blasted the Bioship to space dust locking player 1 as the winner of the day!

It was a glorious battle and “a Good day to die”