Sunday, January 22, 2017

Space Station K7

Hello All,

Happy New Year and all that.:)

As a challenge I volunteered to build and paint a model of the K7 Space station from the Star Trek episode The trouble with Tribbles for an upcoming game of Attack Wing at my local game store. I am not playing in this game but thought it would be fun for the guys to have a model that better represents the station than the DS9 model. It was interesting to build as I decided to light it using a lighting kit from Power play I had from a previous NOVA Open.  I had to reorder the instructions to allow wiring and I ran into a problem with the length of the wires themselves, but I came up with a solution that worked. I hope the guys like it on Tuesday. I also had to paint each part separately before assembling. I started the kit Friday evening and finished it at 1 AM Sunday morning. 

Testing the lights after finishing the kit.

Plastic rods helped make the lights better.

My solution to the short cables

Battery hidden under base

Decals in place. Just need a few more coats of Micro Sol.

my painting choice for the cones forced me to put the section labels in different locations

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Ready to go

Kind of sneaks up on you

Not bad for a day and a half.

Till Next time