Tuesday, June 25, 2013

APOC inbound!

Hello All,

The Apocalypse  announcement is just a few days away. I might even get a game in if the rules are actually playable out of the box. Well anyway a price list has made it's way onto the internet and it looks like it could be legit. WOW 160 (103 pounds) for the new super heavies! Not only that but my beloved baneblade is expected to jump to 140 dollars. for those keeping score that's around 91 pounds. check out forge world and you will see that there are several super heavy kits that are actually cheaper that the new Baneblade price... not to mention new ones.

Holy Crap.

I am so glad I stocked up on super heavies before now.
I am also glad that the new kits look so Meh...  and will finally be able to save money in July.

Till next time.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Journal #13

Not much going on for the last week or so.
Not even one model finished and hardly any progress on the Infinity table.

Work has been a bit hectic and is even cutting into my limited free time.

On the upside I have been thinking about a bunch of projects that I want to work on after NOVA 2013.

Hopefully I can get something done worthy of an update real soon. Till then enjoy this picture from the last build session that I modified...



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Journal #12

Buildings and Flyers

Hello all,

Just a quick update on what I have been working on lately. As I have been busy with all kinds of stuff these last few weeks the work on the Hobby side has slowed down to a crawl. I did manager to get a few things worked on but honestly nothing is really ready to show. Be that as it may I intend to show off some of the stuff I am proud of.

The Infinity Box Buildings. 

This was a great idea that unfortunately did not survive contact with the enemy which in this case was water based paint. The decoration on the sides and top were made using a special kind of paper cutting printer and card stock. these pieces were then glued to the sides and top in a specific order. this was all well and good but for 2 problems.

  1. Having them glued on makes painting them slower.
  2. the water based paint we used to prime them relaxed the glue and made the decorations start to peel.

See the ladder
Well my first bright idea was to attach the fixtures on firmly with. You guessed it. More glue! I then pinned down the parts that stuck up till they dried.

The problem is that the painting will still be slow. I thought and thought then something Mike said hit me. He suggested removing the parts and doing them over. I thought that if I could remove the sides without damaging them I could repaint the decorations in a different color and make a nice looking building quickly. 
I gave it a try and BAM it came right off. (So much for the spray adhesive) so here are some pics of the process

Painted Red

A blue green
Some of the repainted decorations

The buildings before re-priming
Primed and ready
Finished product #1
Finished Product #2
Infinity Table

Here are some of the parts for my Infinity SPACEPORT project

Storage containers for the Blue Zone

Courier Rocket
Razorwing Jet Fighter

WIP: Painted in a cool blue.
Well that's all for now.
Till next time


Monday, June 10, 2013

New Wheels for the RGH!

Hello all,

Just going over the big event from the weekend. The wife and I decided to give up the ghost on my old "Beater" car and get something a little nicer. After trying several dealerships running the gambit  from Classic "Pushy salesman" to being practically ignored we ended up at Honda of Dulles here in Virginia. This location is part of Autonation  a well... "Nation wide" organization of dealerships that specialize in a less pushy, intuitive approach. By this I mean they actually listen and go out of their way to make you happy. After all at the end of the day it's you who will have to pay for the car. 

While there we met a fellow named Justin who we found out is relatively new to the auto sales business. The only real giveaway was his manager following up with us to make sure all the points were covered. There was really no need as this young man took to the job like a veteran. So if you are thinking about getting a new (or new to you) car I would suggest heading over to Honda of Dulles and ask for Justin. This guy knows his stuff.

So you will know him when you see him
Originally we were looking for a Jeep but when we saw this little lady I had to take a closer look. 

Humble beginnings
Isn't she nice. a 2007 Ford Escape just what we were looking for to replace the old "Beater" 
Here is a picture of the car just before we drove off with her.

See what happens when you mess with me. I make you disappear 
The wife does not like her picture taken so I am happy to accommodate. Anyway we were pleased with the experience  and hope this is just the beginning of a long string of sales for Justin.

Till next time


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Journal #11

By Popular demand

Hello all,

After a short break (That almost broke me) I am back. I do not have that much to report other than I did not get much done since the last entry. I did some assembly and worked on some building for the NOVA open but generally speaking it was a slow period. On a non hobby side I was able to pass the certification exam that was consuming my free time for the last week or so. so yea me...

Anyway Here are some pictures with comments for your viewing pleasure

The new Broadside- Magnetized of course

Some fantasy (and Infinity) 

A better angle

Old School Dragon Princes

The Wife and I have been trying to take more walks lately for health reasons. I took my camera along on one of them. Enjoy the filler...

The road goes ever on

A drying lake 

This would make a nice scenic base

Prep work for "Celebrate Fairfax"
Anyway I hope to have more actual hobby stuff to talk about soon.



Monday, June 3, 2013

Ranting thoughts

Eldar are so cool!

Hello All,

Just a quick question.

Anyone else think all the digital Only stuff GW is putting out is BS?

New Journal entry coming as soon as I can get through all the study material...



Saturday, June 1, 2013

Journal #10

The girls chilling out

May 30 and 31

Hello all,

The hobby side of things has been pretty slow since Wednesday as I have been dealing with being a car down. I did manage to get some work done on my hobby room and thanks to the wife I now have more space to work. She is a master of efficiency (when she puts her mind to it.)

Here is what the space looks like now.

Still working on cleaning it up...
I did manage to start working on my new Tau Broadside kit. The model is quite nice but the instructions are lacking proper angles to actually see where some of the parts go. luckily most only fit one way. Here is where I am at so far... 

I am attempting to magnetize the extras  for versatility
 Below are some of the painting projects I have been working on lately some of the results are better than others.

Rubber toy lions I bought at a Walgreen's. They will be used as fillers for my High Elf White lion units 

An old (2002-2003) Reaper Chain fighter  I bought in my RPG days
My first Alkemy miniature 

I am seeing Spots...

I have an Enforcer army for Warpath I was thinking of doubling them up as Necron Immortals.
Not sure if they can fit. Thoughts?
Well that's it for now