Sunday, June 3, 2018

Retro Gaming

Hi All,

Last weekend my son came up to visit for Memorial day weekend. We decided it would be thematic for the occasion to play some oldhammer. We settled on Warhammer 7th ed after careful consideration (Mostly that 8th ed sucked!.)

Since we have not played this edition since early 2010 We went with only 750 points a side Skaven vs. Britonnia.

Guess who played Britonnia

Here are the highlights.

At the end of Deployment

The Skaven Army

The Britonnian Army

Britonia prayed to the Lady so the Skaven took the first turn

The Skaven bait a "Better Mouse Trap"

The poison wind morter team target the Knights of the realm killing one

The knights take the bait but...

Thanks to the Britonnian artillery (and some really lucky shots from the archers) the right flank
of the Skaven trap flees taking the General and BSB with it!

Two lance charges against a unit of Skaven slaves.

Well that didn't take long...

Unfortunately the Fleeing stormvermin (from above)
clipped the unit of Jezails and caused them to flee as well.  

The same thing happened to the Poison wind mortar.
Basically the right flank collapsed due to a luck shot.

The Knights then re-position to face the remaining Skaven unit.

Counter charge on my turn....

Sends them packing in short order...

Right off the board!

The Jezails Rally

The Damsel of the Lady comes out to face the Skaven Warplock engineer,
but the heroic Knights beat her to the punch killing the Evil Wizard.

A direct hit on the rallied Jizails sends them fleeing again 

The lone Jezail unit squirts the musk of fear and flees the field leaving Britinnia victorious!!!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did playing the game. Next time I will report on how my Wife's Wood Elves fared against the same Skaven army.

Till next time


Friday, April 13, 2018

Project Gorgon

Hive Fleet Gorgon, know to the Tau as the Toxic Fleet, is one of the many Tyranid hive fleets in the 40K universe. In the setting they have an adaptability level that is impressive even for the ever changing Tyranids. After a single encounter they will adapt on a biological level to defeat foes using ever mutating toxins that quickly overcome their victims with just the slightest touch. After encountering plague marines of Moldering Claw this became even worse as they adapted to a level that could even affect the followers of Nurgle.

Why am I bringing this up? Well I have volunteered to to refurbish and refresh an old Hive fleet Gorgon army for the 2018 NOVA Open. As far as I can tell the army was painted back in 2009. Some of the models have dates painted on the bottom of the bases that I assume are around when they were originally painted. Most of the models were current for that time period or older. The army was probably designed for 5th edition.  

I am attempting to bring them into the current edition of the game and get them ready for folks to bid on in famous NOVA Open Silent auction! 

Here are a few BEFORE shots.   

Not terrible, but after 9 years they are definitely in need of some TLC (and basing) 

Here are some close ups (also BEFORE)

My plan is to brighten them up and make them POP. My wife suggested treating the current paint jobs as the base colors and work them up. I tried that and it seems to work. The next three pictures are of a single Gaunt in the original colors.

Next is what they looked like after I brightened them up and re-based them. The Carapace is a bit darker than normal for Gorgon but I'll just call that artistic license.

There are 114 models to work on and around 4 months to complete while I am still doing everything else I do each day and my other NOVA Open obligations. Wish me luck

Next time I will go over what I am doing per model type and what paints I am using in case you want to follow along at home. 

Till next time 


Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Not much to say just some pictures I took recently. (estimated year the model was released)

Old D&D Figures with new paint jobs.

Clay Golem (1984)

Yeti (1984)

Otyugh (1984)
Warhammer Fantasy Models

Chaos Wizard (Late 80's early 90's)

Wulfric (2008)

Crom (2003)

Chaos Champion (Not sure when it came out)
Lord of the Rings

Knights of Minas Tirith (2003-2008)

Post Apocalypse Cars made from Hot wheels and Matchbox toys

The Magic Bus

The Plague Bearer

Blue Harvest

Street Judge 

The Skull Taker

Till Next time