Sunday, July 4, 2010

Xaebos The Doom Wind of the North

The Doom Wind of the North
Part 1

This is a project I agreed to do for my local GW store. If all goes well it will be used in a major battle set for September. (Fingers crossed) Below is a basic concept drawing I did with MS paint the other day at work. The Name is a variation of Zaebos. It will be used as part or a Warriors of Chaos army. A Daemonic creation of the Chaos Dwarfs much like the hell cannon. in fact the maw of the main body is a hell cannon like device. The turret under-mounted will use the Earth shaker rues from the 6th ed Chaos Dwarf PDF.

This is the original sketch done by a friend of mine during a concept meeting. The picture above is closer to the final concept.

No worries The Skaven Project continues...

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