Sunday, July 11, 2010

Xaebos The Doom Wind of the North 3

The Doom Wind of the North
The Body and Base

Hello everyone,

Here is the final part of Xaebos. The Body and base. I will put out a stat line/ Rules sheet when I figure out How I want to use it. The gentlemen at the GW store had some really good ideas and I intend to think them through before I decide. Anyone who wants to throw some my way just add them to the comments.

The Gondala is made from pink foam covered in plastic card.

The Scales are made from card stock.

The main gun was made by boring a hole into the front of the body then adding plasticard to look like teeth.

The secondary cannon was made from a plastic tube a wooden ball and the plastic hole covers used for running computer wires under desks.

The lot was covered with "rivits" made from plasticard run through a leather punch.

More of the plastic struts were used to connect the airbags.

The Base.

The Base is made from wood purchased at a local craft store and a section of wooden rod.
The ruins were made from Hirst arts mold bricks.

The ground is covered with sand, Scortched and Glade Grasses with shrubs added for effect.

Xaebos was a big success at the local GW store Yesterday. For a while it even sat on top of the display case on the register counter.

Here are a few others of the finished airship

Well there it is all done. I can't wait to use it in combat!!!

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