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Over the last 5 or 6 years I have done a few Dioramas as Christmas gifts for folks. Most of them have been for my in-laws. Since I recently paid them a visit I thought I would take the opportunity to snap a few Photos of them. Note that these have nothing to do with Warhammer nor 40K.
Enjoy the pics

"Dragon Slayer"

This is the first one I did back in 2004 for my Father in-law (then my Girlfriends dad) It depicts a lone knight Battling a red dragon with his back to a cliff. I was only able to get one half way decent snapshot before the camera battery died.

"The Horror of Yig"

This one was done in in 2005 Christmas for my now Brother in law. It depicts a summoning ritual interrupted by adventurers. The figures are a mix of older and newer miniatures. The Serpent men, Candles, Sacrifice, and the Wizard are Reaper. The Fighter is an old Mitherel Lord of the Rings Miniature and the Monk is Ral-Partha (I think)

I think My more recent stuff is an improvement...

I took a break a few years off from Dioramas until 2009 when I decided to do three mini Dioramas for My wife's family. I know I had already done 2 for them but the misses thought it would be a nice gift and would mean more than just buying something for them. So I give you "The Wizard's Circle", "Dragon Rider", and "Escape from Hell"

"The Wizard's circle" (Wizard Porno Movie)

Special Note about this figure: The Misses painted this one. She did such a good job that most folks can't tell which of the three was done by her. I hope to display more of her work in the future.

I really like the way the Dragon came out on this one.

"Dragon Rider"

"Escape from Hell"

I like these Pictures but I had some trouble getting the face detail to show up. I had light issues as well as no good place to brace the Camera. I wanted to include them for posterity. The model looks better in reality.

I hope you liked them...


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