Friday, July 30, 2010

The Big Surprise!!!

Last week I promised something BIG*

Her it is...



* The Iron Warlord has been in the family since 2007


  1. LOL, very nice. I have to say I am not the biggest fan of the Armorcast Warhound, the FW one is just too cool. But I have always liked the Armorcast Reaver, very cool that you manage to get your hands on both. And I bet both together cost less then a FW Warhound would have alone.

    Oh and thank you for the mention in the credits. Not sure why we are there but all the same, thank you.

  2. Your Welcome.

    I saw my first Titan in 1993 when I attended my first 40K game. (I played/borrowed Squats) The titan was on the Shelf at my friend's house. It and 2 BaneBlades (one OOOOLD Resen Kit and one scratch built using GW's White dwarf Instructions back when they did that sort of thing)

    I fell in love.

    It's more Nostalgia than looks. but you are right the Reaver is way better looking. My wife likes the Wolf head on the Warhound so I get to paint it first. :)

    I thanked you guys because without the GL I probably would not have started my Blog nor been brave enough to post some silly short film.

    Both the show and each of you and Bill's Blogs inspire me to do more and more with my own.

    So I say thank you again. :)