Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Skaven Project Part 7

Hello all,

This is just a quick update. I wanted to show off the latest on this project.
So without further delay...


I just finished the last of the Rat Ogres. That makes a unit of 6 with 3 handlers. These guys can knock the crap out of most opponents especially with the new STOMP rules. I used the basic color combo from the Rat Ogre I bought at the last Bazzar Bazzar. I cleaned that one up and did the others the same.

The only exception is the "twins" 2 old 3ed Rat Ogres that were mounted on a single 40X40 base. These two were painted in browns that are pretty close to the hair on the new Rat Ogres so they look pretty good together.

From the Front

Look at them in all their majesty


I had to make a special tray so the handlers could ride too.


You can see the twins on the far left.


The middle guy is an old 3ed mini that is in a pic in that rulebook but I cannot find more info on his so he is a pack master.