Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Skaven Project Part 6

Hello all,

Its been 9 days since the last time updated this topic. a lot has happened since then. 8th ed. The figures for the new Box set are at the GW stores.I have been busy. :) I did manage to get some stuff done though.

Last weekend My son came over to visit. We spent the weekend playing WH 8th at the Fair Oaks GW store. That was a blast. On the Friday my son showed up he sent me an email with a link to an ebay auction for an old edition Throt the Unclean for only 4.50. I went on and bought it for him; the shipping was as much as the darn figure!

it showed up on Monday. I finished it today.

The Gutter runners are well under way. the first litter are finished and I think they are looking pretty sweat.

The Rat Horde is HUGE!!! 53 Giant rats and 7 Pack Masters AND if Throt is leading them they DOOOOOO count towards Core requirements! That could be awsome

Last but certainly not least The Rat Ogre Conversion from Part 4.1 has been painted. I think the Gentleman who did the work did a fantastic job.



  1. These are awesome!
    That was fast work on Throt, he looks great!
    Asl do everything else, of course. I like what was done with the bellrat, but I wonder how you would have painted it.
    Can't wait to see more.

    Also, anyone reading these, why aren't you commenting?