Thursday, July 8, 2010

Xaebos The Doom Wind of the North 2

The Doom Wind of the North
Rigid Structure and Airbags

This is the next installment of the Xaebos build saga. In this segment I will be discussing the Rigid Structure and Airbags of Xaebos the Daemon Zeppelin. After looking at the scale of rigid air ships to the Gondola beneath them; The Rigid Structure and Airbags tend to be considerably larger than the Gondola. I decided to go a different route. I figure that since Xaebos is a Chaos infused machine it could conceivably be lighter than it should. Because of this I wanted to use a smaller bag. After doing some sketches I decided that it needed more. I decided to go with 3 separate rigid structures connected some how in a triangle formation.

The actual structures are made from two top halves of water bottles glued together then covered with glue soaked paper towels.

To link the Structures I decided to use building struts I found at a local hobby shop.

For the painting I decided to go with an enchanted blue to show allegiance to the lord of Change.

I added the green stripe to give it depth.

A friend suggested that I go with a 2 top 1 bottom design with the Gondola suspended beneath the lower structure.

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