Thursday, July 2, 2015

What's been going on.

Hello All,

Just chiming in with the latest on what I have been working on. It has been an odd year. The NOVA is gearing up to be an awesome experience. Attack Wing has gone from a highlight to a bit of a chore. My job is completely different from what it was a year ago.
On top of all of that there is a new version of Fantasy coming out that make me want to ether embrace change or hide and cry. A lot of decisions about my "Gaming" future will need to be made soon. But enough about that. 


Tanks, Tanks , and more Tanks

I finally finished all those Trenchworx tanks for the NOVA Open speed painting competition.
All are magnetized and primed.

"Bringing the NOVA Open's first "live art" event to life has been a complex and intriguing challenge. Our rules leading into the event have gone through numerous revisions and updates as a result, reflecting the subject matter expertise of a wide number of professionals - from airbrush experts and premier event sponsor Grex to individual artists with their own different outlooks on how such an event should be held. 

Ultimately, the NOVA desired to bring convention-goers, avocational figure painters, and serious artists a collectively rewarding, juried, live art exhibition ... all with the aim of enhancing the presence of Miniature Figure Art at NOVA Open. The resulting rules represent the final pre-convention iteration of the event's framework for 2015. As with all first-year events, we anticipate great feedback and development going forward based on lessons learned, and we're excited to see what the brave and bold among you can accomplish this year! 

We also extend a special thanks to Grex AirbrushTrenchworxSecret Weapon Miniatures, and Vallejo Paints for sponsoring the event and helping us bring this vision to light."

Not primed

Eldar Table

I have also been given the honor of building the Eldar display table for the NOVA this year.
It is still a work in progress. One of the 2' by 2' section was warped so it will need replacing. I decided to use it to test concepts I want to use on the actual board.

Basic designs

After the lines were deepened to make them more visible.

Covered in Spackle. (Still needs sanding)
The terrain features that are being added.

A completed space modulator.


Last month I built a concept piece to test foam feasibility for making the table. I found a really neat pattern on Dakka for an Eldar Webway portal and decided to build one. I learned a lot about how spackle, foam, and paint interact. I think he final product looks pretty good.

What I learned here will make the table even better.
Well that is all the time I have. 



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