Sunday, July 12, 2015

"It was a new age" Londo Mollari Babylon 5

Hello All,

RGH here to report that Age of Sigmar isn't that bad. It has issues (no meaningful way to properly scale the units being at the top), but honesty it is pretty fun to play. The units we used seemed to fit into a streamlined range where nothing was that much more powerful than anything else. It was interesting to see how things turned out. If you have not tried out the game I suggest you do so. This will in no way stop me from making fun of it though. :)

Here is the breakdown of the scenario as it was sent to me.

Your Empire detachment has been garrisoning a small waystation tower. This ancient tower was once the site of a fell ritual that was stopped by heroes long dead. Buried beneath the tower is a crypt, sealed within a book of dark Magics. 

Lhazar the Twisted has been searching for the tome and has finally narrowed down its location. He and his Warband descends upon the same Way station without warning.

Center of the board needs a tower,  and a building or two off to one side. The rest is made of hills and trees as per rules. Tower will be Mystical and Damned (for Chaos). The one building will be Inspiring for Empire troops (to represent their Barracks). All other terrain will be rolled as normal.

Empire can set up 1 unit at the Tower (not in as we don't have rules for that yet), the rest will be set up near the Barracks buildings. Chaos will choose which table edge to come in on and set up along that. First turn initiative goes to Chaos as a Surprise round. 

Sound good?

The Enemy

Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch
Exalted Hero with Banner

10 Warriors of Chaos
20 Marauders
9 Chaos Knights
10 Warhounds
10 Warhounds

The Heroes of Sigmar

State Troop detachment:
General of the Empire
20 Great Swords
20 swordsmen
10 Halberdiers
10 Crossbowmen

Support detachment (Made that one up myself)
Battle Wizard
Warrior Priest
Great Cannon
Steam Tank

Well I thought I would show this in a picture show

Pre-battle layout (We changes it)

The Empire Army deployed for action.

The Chaos Warhost ready to destroy the world!

The Game begins!

Charges in the first turn?


From the Chaos side

From the Empire side

Empire on the Move


Chaos Dead Pool at the end of turn one

Empire Dead Pool at the end of turn 1

Turn 2 saw the summoning of a Demon prince!

Knights charge the Steamtank

only one dog left!

This could get ugly

This looks almost unfair... Poor Knights :(

A Demons eye view

Warhound for dinner?

Cannon and Crossbowmen responsible for exactly 0% of the kills.

Taking the long view.

I just thought this show was cool

Here is what I rolled when my General made his first attack. Get some!

The monster under the table reared her claws 

Told you it would get ugly

The swordsmen join the fight!

And kick some!

A Spawn summoned 

The Spawn Attacks!

In the last round the Demon prince joins the fray.

Final results Minor Victory for the Empire the ancient tower is safe, for now.



I had a thought. Why are so many of the newer GW figures in a Captain Morgan pose. 

Even the beasts?

Seriously what gives?



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