Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Age of Sigmar game 2

Hello All,

I manager to get a second game in this past weekend. This time my Empire patrol found themselves facing a nasty surprise left behind by the Evil Chaos forces the week before. A small Demon incursion. It was kill or be killed in this this battle. The end was way closer than I thought it had any right to be. 

Empire (42 Models)
General of the Empire
Warrior Priest
20 Great Swords
20 Swordsmen

Chaos Demons (34 Models)
Herald of Khorne 
10 Bloodletters
20 Plague bearers
3 Stormfiends (Skaven list)*

* I only have 2 assembled so we used a Mordor Troll for the third and made it the shock option since it had heavy armor.

Here is how it went down

"Chinese Stand off . Don't make a sound"

The Swordsmen ready for Battle

Greatswords- "Absolutely Badasses"

Plaguebearers and Bloodletters

Stormfiends- the Sharknado of AOS

New reusable marker cards really helped remind us of unit abilities.

Greatswords coming off the hill

Stormfiends vs. Swordsmen

This is not going well for the Empire

Greatswords making short work of the Plaguebearers 

Plaguebearers dead pool at the end of the first round of hand to hand

Heralds of Khorne can do what!? 

Not so good for the swordsmen

Using the new AOS movement rules to disengage and regroup.

It was only marginally effective

Last stand of the Greatswords

Only the Champion is left of the Greatswords

The Warrior Priest decides to avenge the now destroyed swordsmen!

Hammer to the Nuts!

The General must prove the Greatswords sacrifice was not in vane.

The Generals meet

Not looking good for the Warrior Priest

Fight to a stalemate!


We mucked about a bit and had fun with the rules (like allowing the Stormfiends to surround the priest and all attack. It was thematic so we went with it. The end result was real close. 
I lost 95% of my forces having only the General and Priest left and my son having the Herald of Khorne  and the three Stormfiends received 88% loses.  A minor victory for Chaos on the field and a major blow to the Empire as their most powerful warriors were slain to a man. 

I hope you enjoyed my recap. Please let me know if you did. 




  1. With 2 games under your belt now, do you feel like you're ready to judge the game? Like, first and foremost, is it fun? Is the game-play smooth? Tactical? Scalable for mass battle? Will the game stand up to competing alternatives in the market, to include non-fantasy alternatives?

  2. Shades- Great to hear from you. I can honestly say I enjoyed both games. It was fun playing a game with no meta or points or background story......Um? It still needs work. To that I am inspired to write a full post to answer your questions. look for it soon. I have one I need to get out first then that will be the next. how does that sound?