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Attack Wing "The Q Continuum" Part 2 Deja Q - Event canceled

Event canceled - Due to conflicts

 Q is seeking asylum on the Enterprise after he has been thrown out of the Continuum and stripped of his powers.
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June 28 2015
The Place: Comics and Gaming Fairfax
Noon time 5 PM
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"The moon of the planet Bre’el IV is falling out of its orbit and the planet is being threatened with a cataclysmic event. While on a mission to correct the moon’s orbit and save the planet, an unexpected visitor arrives. Q has been thrown out of the Q-Continuum and is now a mortal and aboard your ship. He offers his assistance to correct the moon’s orbit, but you quickly learn that he might be more of a hindrance than a help. As you are trying to figure out how best to use the mortal Q’s knowledge, your fleet is set upon by an enemy fleet. Can you succeed with your mission, or will the presence of Q prove to be your downfall?"

Highlights from the OP Pack

Use a planet and moon for this map.

Destroy all of your opponent’s ships.

BONUS: Each player receives +5 Fleet Points for every one of his/her Mission Tokens that were removed from the game.

In addition, if the winning player has the fewest Mission Tokens left in his/her stack at the end of the battle, that player receives an additional +20 Fleet Points.

THE GAME ENDS WHEN one player is eliminated or the time limit is reached.


When building their fleets, both players must assign “Q” to one of the ships in their fleet as follows:
  •  “Q” must be assigned to the ship in their fleet with the highest Hull Value. If a player’s fleet has more than one ship with the same highest Hull Value, “Q” must be assigned to the ship with the highest Hull Value and SP total. If a player’s fleet has more than one ship with the same highest Hull Value and SP total, the player may choose which of these ships to assign “Q” to.
  •  “Q” does not require an Upgrade slot and there is no SP cost to assign “Q” to a ship.
  •  While “Q” is assigned to a ship, that ship’s Primary Weapon and Agility values are halved (round down).
  •  At the start of the game, place 4 Auxiliary Power Tokens on the chosen Ship Card.
  •  Once per round, after the chosen ship performs an Action, a player may remove one of these Auxiliary Power Tokens from the Ship Card and place it beside that ship. These tokens cannot be removed in any other way.
  •  Once there are no Auxiliary Power Tokens left on the Ship Card, place a Critical Hit Token on the Ship Card.
If you are interested in coming or learning the game leave a comment and I will try to help.


Side Unrelated Note: Look what I found in my Friendly local game store today!


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