Friday, July 3, 2015

Age of Sigmar


Age of Sigmar will be a hot mess.- 

The local GW store manager verified that the new game will not have points values (Implied ever.)

The training he went to for it informed him that:  GW has essentially decided that points values contribute too much to a competitive gamer  and so were done away with... (paraphrased of course)

When I asked him how my opponent figures out how many Skaven slaves to bring for my 15 Blood Thursters he quoted the GW rep from England (their trainer?) "Don't be a Git. Have fun"

GW Training staff
He also verified that the 4 page rule sheets will be it. 

Tarkin: Seriously? four pages?
Vader: YEP.
All this could be a bad dream and a smoke screen while they get the real 9th ed ready in a year or so but somehow I fear that this is the new reality.

As if. lets do the GW has a clue ending



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  2. I don't know, man. I know they've made major changes to the system before, (even if that was well before I started playing) but this seems to completely abandon the core of what Warhammer is. IMO

    Also, Point Values make the game too competitive? Really? Next thing they'll be getting rid of dice.

  3. " this seems to completely abandon the core of what Warhammer is" I think you summed it up.