Sunday, July 26, 2015

Klingon Revenge (Attack Wing report)

Hello All,

Lat week in addition to a fun game of Age of Sigmar I got a chance for a rematch with my son from last December. We decided to play a game with the following rules
  • Old school ships: Only Star Trek VI and before are allowed.
  • The Constellation class should be allowed even though it did not show up till next Gen. It was supposed to have been the replacement for the Constitution Refit class. So a new design at the time of Star Trek VI
  • 150 points 
  • 4 ship minimum
  • Per official tournament rules (which I like Except for Borg) no single ship can cost more than 50 points 
  • Semi Pure Faction (Klingon/Romulan Alliance vs. Federation/Vulcan Alliance) only ships and upgrades from the listed faction can be used without opponent consent.
Federation Fleet

USS Hood

USS Enterprise NX-1 

USS Yorktown


The Klingon Fleet

IKS Kronos one (Flagship)

Prototype Bird of Prey 

An Old School D7 Battle cruiser 

A second Old School D7

The Original Bird of Prey
Here is the after action report

Start of Deployment The D7s move into position

Both Level 1 Captains

The Federation begin deployment

Split in a dragnet formation

Klingon/Romulan Pack Hunting tactics

Early positioning

The NX-1 swings wind for a sweep attack

The Klingons combine fire on the USS Hood

The Yorktown and Enterprise move in for support

The Klingons make a surprise turn around

The Ni 'Var swings wide

The Hood makes a fatal mistake 

And pays the price

The Game ended a turn later with the distruction of the NX-1 and the Ni'Var and leaving the Yorktown crippled unable to maneuver and her Captain disabled (Multiple critical hits.) The Klingons fared much better only losing a single D7 in the final exchange.  

Victory to the Klingon Empire... Oh yea and the Romulans too.


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