Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Road to the NOVA 2012 Part 7

Night of the count...

Hello all,

As you may have already seen on the Whiskey 40K blog some of us spent the day after Valentines day at the storage locker counting up all of the terrain for the 40K Gt at NOVA 2012.

Here is a recap of what is still needed:

44 pieces of "scatter" terrain
30 hills
85 los blocking ruins/equivalent
118 partially-los blocking ruins/equivalent

Or, 277 pieces of terrain

This is not an unobtainable number! It just means a lot more work is needed in the coming months. So if you are reading this and want to lend a hand please let us know. We could always use more help. As our CFO says "Many hands make the work easier."

This can best be seen with the Table Felting Project!

Take a look at all are hard work below:

That's a LOT of tables!

Below is some of our terrain some from 2011 and some of the new stuff.

Some of the stuff from last year- Still looks good!

Some WIP previews as well as 2 pieces I did last November.

The bottom line is that we have a long way to go but the finish line is closer than we think!

For more information visit the Whiskey & 40K site for even more information see the NOVA open site for all the facts Join our team of volunteers!

Until Next Time- Later


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