Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Lord of the Rings Books!

Hello All,

I picked up all 5 of the new LOTR-SBG books over the weekend. I an really liking the stream lining the new build system brings to the game. At the beginning of each book is a section that show how forces are now put together. It adds structure where there was very little before. The funny thing is that you can still build pretty much anything you want. Even better the allies rules have been simplified to an easy to use Good Guys vs. Bad guys structure. no more of the old systems flow chart (I made Flow charts) style where some forces could not ally with certain others just because their forces had no interaction in the movies or books. About the only thing that went away in the new system is the ability to have tons of troops with a single "captain" leading them. That is fine with me as the game is SPECIFICALLY designed for heroic play!

As I was looking through my computer this morning I came across these pictures from a LOTR tournament I attended a few years ago. Considering the subject of the post it seemed like a lucky find. Please enjoy (BTW: Mine are the forces of Rohan/Gondor)

Mixing it up.
A clash Forces


The Last Stand

The Generals Clash

I would like to say I won the game but the unfortunately the Witch king was to powerful to be defeated that day.

I did manage to get the Sportsmanship award. I guess I was everyone's favorite opponent to beat on :)

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  1. For the record: Lord of the Rings- SBG is a better game than 40K.

    Just Some of the Reasons:

    1. They know how to treat heroes as heroes. Aragorn is a bad ass. He has been since the 1st edition. As far as I can tell the named heroes match both their fluff and power level. None of these “Uber” powerful (in fluff) Wimps (in game play)

    2. LOTR has a more realistic True Line of sight system and has had it for over a decade.

    3. When I shoot at the witch King of Angmar with Legolas I can be assured that if the shot gets through and damage is done the Witch King will be the model that is removed from the board not smucky the unlucky orc!
    (I'm looking at you Wound allocation system!)