Saturday, February 4, 2012

January 2012- Here There Be Monsters

Hello all,

The month of January (When not working on NOVA projects) was dedicated to Monsters! I have a ton of them and mostly leave them on the shelf as they take a while to paint and I have several Army Projects going all the time. Well I decided it was time to change that. I managed to get 12 beasts and Monsters painted up in 31 days.

Here is the Breakdown...

Island of Blood High Elf Lord on Griffin- January 1

The Old Metal Warhammer Giant- January 5

Size comparison

2 old Metal Ork Killa Kans and an Old Metal Deff Dread- January 10th - 15th

Check out the Grotzoka above!

3 Vargheists for the Vampire Counts (On display at GW Fair Oaks) January 16th-23rd

1 Varghulf for the Vampire Counts (My Wife Did The Brown One) January 20th

I finished up some Bat Swarms that were painted years ago- January 20th

I found this Cyclops Giant at an AC Moore for about 12 dollars. it is on par with the current plastic giant in size. The first picture is what it originally looked like. The others are post my overhaul. January 23rd

The Original

The finished product

Lastly on the 31st I finished the Lord Of The Rings Cave Drake Unfortunately I have not gotten any pictures yet... January 31st

Lastly Here are some works from December that I Did not get a chance to really show.

Skaven- A better picture of the Hell Pit Abomination and the Plague Catapult

And lastly A group of assault Terminators with Lightning Claws- (Please GW make them not suck in 6th ed!!!)

Well that's all the time I have for now. Look again real soon another NOVA Open Update.

Till next time



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