Monday, February 13, 2012

The Road to the NOVA 2012 Part 6

Molds , Castings, and Monuments... Oh My!

Well here we are with building session 4 come and gone. In this last session we covered three major undertakings.

The first is the mold making for our ongoing projects. We are making molds for a project that will be fully revealed soon. till then here are some teasers...

The second is the casting project. Using a series of molds created by our staff and many of the fantastic molds from Hirst Arts we are attempting to cast tons of extra bits to be added to our buildings and scatter terrain. Check out these shots of castings already in progress as well as some of the newest scatter pieces made with some the cast parts. By the way we are using an really fantastic product called Merlin's Magic. you should check it out.

Lastly we began the Monuments project in Ernest. As you can see the Washington Monument project is under way but there is still much to be done!

Sceen here is part of our staff hard at work on the second project "The national Air and Space Museum." Wait till you see it.

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