Monday, January 16, 2012

The Road to the NOVA 2012 Part 4


Buildings and scatter- Here we go!!!!

Good Morning all,

Saturday was build session 2 for the NOVA 2012. I am happy to report that it was a roaring success. We had around 8 to 10 folks show up. We started the day finishing up the last tables (18 I think) then went straight to work on the terrain.

BTW- Everyone signed the last table and those who were at session 1 but not 2 had their names added by the staff. Just giving credit where credit is due. :)

We broke the group up into 3 teams.

Team 1- Buildings
Team 2- scatter terrain
Team 3- MDA board bases

Using my favorite building material (foam board) team 1 was able to construct 13 buildings from concept to constructed. Not bad since they only had around 4 hours to work on it.

Team 2 used the hobbyist's best friends, pink foam and and (2) hot wire knives, to make a staggering 22 pieces of scatter terrain. This was the team I was lucky enough to be on. I will say that close proximity to wire knives can get you light headed even with good ventilation. so be careful. :)

Team 3- had the most unrewarding job of the three and will get first choice next time for jobs! These guys cut and shaped over 80 12X12 MDA boards for bases. Then the rounded the edges with sand paper. They did this out in the cold while the rest of us were warm inside.

I salute you team three.

in all over 80 boards were prepped and 35 pieces of terrain are ready for sand and paint. Not to mention the 18 tables that were completed.

Buildings ready to paint

Lots of Scatter Terrain


Once again the food was killer. We had tacos and taquitos- Not really sure where but I will post it when I find out.

Well that's it for now



** Image used without permission- for amusement only

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