Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Road to the NOVA 2012 Part 3

15mm scale model of US capital found at the WARDMAN PARK MARRIOTT- in Washington DC

Hello All,

Happy New year to all. Today marked the first of the NOVA open build sessions. These sessions are intended to get us ready for NOVA 2012 only 8 short months away. in this session we felted tables. LOTS of tables! I did not get a complete count but by the estimates provided we completed 36 6X4 Tables and 35 4X4 tables

Here is the board we were using to keep track of this process

Here are a few of the finished tables loaded into the truck.

With a new year comes new faces and this year has been no exception. Several new volunteers showed up and were quickly put to work. There was some grumbling about labor laws and stuff but Mr. Brandt could not be moved. In all seriousness these new guys hit the ground running and did not stop till the work was done!

"Labor laws be damned!" says task master Mike (seen entering the shot on the left)

Tables Tables and more tables- We needed someplace to put all those Buildings and hills!

That is not to say that NOVA veterans did not do their share. Quite the contrary, as Several members of the famous 2011 team made appearances or at least made their presence felt.

Beware of the Man in the Black hat!

Dakota doing her best statue impression

It true Brandt style lunch was served and was , as always, a hit! Thanks L. :)

Lunch is served! (If you were not there you really missed out!)

So to wrap up- Felt attached to around 70 tables: DONE! Make New Friends:DONE!, Great Lunch: DONE!, and Good Time Had By All: DONE!!!

Till Next time...



  1. Sounds like you turned what could have been a mundane task into fun. That always gets a thumbs up from me!!! Now can you tell me how to make the washing up fun? No cheating involving dishwashers either!!!

  2. There's a swimming pool in the back yard of the NOVA HQ Chateau, so that helps speed things up. Might be a few weeks before they find all the dishes, though.