Monday, January 31, 2011

Pic Update (Commissions)

Hi All,

Just a quick update to let everyone take a look at some of the commission work I am doing.
The pics are not as good as I hoped but you will get the idea.


Firestorm Armada:

Relthoza (For use with Full Thrust)

Terran (For use with Full Thrust)

BattleTech (For Use with Dirt side II)

The Entire Lance with Command Vehicle

Mad Dog and Command Vehicle

Fire Moth (Dasher)

Nova Cat (BattleMech)

Warhawk (Masakari)

Some of my friends and I have started looking for non GW games on the Micro Armor scale to get that big battle fix. The rules for Dirtside II and Full Thrust are FANTASTIC and FREE!




  1. I love the Firestorm Armada stuff. I've been meaning to buy into it (Terran or Dendrinzi) but just havent done it yet.

    I just bought the Dystopian Wars rulebook and I love it! share the same core mechanic as FA. I'm hoping to buy some DW minis soon though most places are sold out due to unexpected demand... Have to wait for them to make more.

    I'm definitely getting a Prussian Fleet (Tesla Coil guns and Zeppelin Aircraft Carriers!) and I might get an American fleet (paddlewheel ships and lots of rockets!) as well. Though the Japanese do get Walking Pagodas!

    I am really liking the Spartan game system rules. Very simple and yet lots of strategy and tactics involved.

  2. Amazing paintıng as always! :D