Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The last 8 days...

The Last 8 days have been interesting (in that WTF sort of way) so if the post rambles please forgive me.

I will not go into the details of the more personal (Real life) issues. I will merely state that there have been some setbacks in the house of the RGH.

On the other hand I am more than willing to talk about the game related disappointments from the last few days.

Lets start with last Thursday night. - My local GW store runs a specialist game night every Thursday from 6pm to close. This month it's Battlefield Gothic. This is a game I have never played but have been interested in for some time. To prepare for thismonth long event I went out and purchased 7 ships from the chaos Fleet.

1 Grand Cruiser
1 Heavy Cruiser
2 Cruisers
3 Escorts

All are fully painted and ready to go... or so I thought.

just 15 minutes before I was planning to leave the Misses asked me to help drive her Mother home. The poor girl (the wife) had been up since 4:30 that morning picking her mother up for a doctor's appointment later in the day. She looked wiped out. How could I state "No I'm going to play with my toy rocket ships" I didn't need the Manslator to figure out what I needed to say...

"Of course I will help out... let me get my coat"

So I missed the game and spent the evening sitting in traffic and earning brownie points. :)

The next and perhaps most tragic event was my trip to the Woodbridge Game Parlor. Last month I got a 20% discount postcard from the parlor. This was great! 20% off of total purchase. The post also said that they were located in a new store at the same shopping center. This was a suspicious statement in that it could mean a larger better place or a smaller cramped store.
Unfortunately the latter proved to be true.

The new store is less than half the size of the old location with the same amount of stock. The isles are so narrow that I felt like I needed to turn sideways to walk down them. The place seems crowded and choked. Don't get me started on the open gaming space ("Open" being used loosely!) Even the employees looked tired of apologizing for the new digs. I was pretty mopey by the end of my shopping trip (it did not stop me from getting full use of the the 20% discount) I am not sure of the reason for the down size but I expect the economy has something to do with it.

I hope that this is merely a temporary setback and that the GP will move into a proper store in the future. The problem is that every time I have seen this happen in the past (Twice now) the store went under within a year. I don't want to see this happen the the Game Parlor. :(



  1. I'm hoping Game Parlor's turning things around. The move to the new location, while not great for folks playing in the store, was apparently very much necessary. The Chantilly location (the one I frequent) hasn't changed at all, so we'll see.

    If you're ever looking for the IFL guys down there, they've pretty much moved to the nearby HobbyTown.

  2. Woodbridge has a HobbyTown?
    I did not know that.

    This makes me happy.

    I will have to check it out on my next visit south.

  3. Yeah, real-life fights dirty sometimes. On the bright side, I seem to recall your toy rocket ships beating the snot out of some poor space elves the other night! Nothing better can come of an evening in my opinion. (slightly hypocritical on my part, i know)

  4. Thanks for the uplift. A victory for the forces of Chaos was a real boost. Thanks for pointing that out.


  5. RGH:

    I am very certain your Mother-in-Law was very grateful that you did your wife this favor, even with a headache/toothache(?).

    I am positive that had you gone on to your game and something untoward happened to your wife while driving home from Prince William, you would have had the kind of guilt that slays even the wickedest dragon!

    *Wicked Smile*