Monday, January 17, 2011

Hobby Update (Battlefield Gothic)

Hello All,

I was able to make to this past Thursday's BFG night. I debuted my new Chaos fleet. I have 4 cruisers and 3 escorts. I did pretty good. I managed to table an Eldar fleet complete with a battleship. This was a lot of fun. I am really getting into the game.

Here is my fleet in all it's Chaos Glory

The Ships of the "Fallen of Ilea"

The Grand Cruiser "Revenge of Luther"

The Cruisers of the Line

Escort squadron "Vengeance of Angles"

These guys are pretty good.




  1. So, this is the fleet of your fallen Angels army?

    That's cool.

  2. Nice!

    I've always wanted to play BFG... Never really got too... Where did you get the ships?

  3. Long time no see. :)

    The Grand Cruiser and 3 Escorts were purchased from the GW website (I was in a hurry to make the January start date for play) The three cruisers were a FANTASTIC deal on Ebay (all 3 for 13 dollars + shipping) I plan to add at least 1 Battleship in the near future.