Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wolf Lord on Thunder wolf

Hello all

I am writing to show off my latest 40K work. Wolf Lord Steinbjorn inn Fenruni and his Thunderwolf Hopp.

The models and materials include a Reaper Dire Wolf , Parts from the newest gray hunter sprues, the legs from a Space Marine biker, a 60 MM base, and cork board.

Part 1 The Model:
After cleaning all of the parts with warm soap and water I started by taking the biker legs and cutting them in half right up the crotch *shutter* then using green stuff; positioned them on the wolf''s back. After this I set it aside and using the rest of the green stuff I sculpted a saddled and straps on the wolf. before it set I attached the legs to the wolf.

I let the model cure overnight. The Next day I went through the Space Wolf bits I have and selected some of the more flashy pieces. I noticed that the place where the body met the wolf that it looked like crap. I decided to do what I have seen done on Cav models many times. I added more saddle to the front and back similar to to many fantasy war horse setups.
I then attached all the selected bits to the model.

Part 2 The Base:

The Base is a standard GW 60MM round base. Using cork board from a local Staples office supply store I made the core of the rock that Steinbjorn and Hopp will stand on. To make the rock I simply shaped the cork in a rough natural shape and added a second level on top. I find that Aleens Tacky Glue works great for this.

Next I attached The model to the base. I used 2 long "pins" to fasten the figure securely through the cork and base. I then added a drop of super glue on the underside to lock the pins in place.

Part 3 flocking:

I used Elmer's glue to flock sand and stones of many different sizes (I picked up the sand from Colonial Beach Virginia) I like the many different sizes and textures of natural sand for larger models.

Part 4 The Painted Model:

Once all of this was dry I based the model in black them painted it in my Space wolf paint scheme. At some point I intend to do a painting tutorial but that is for a different time.




  1. Awesome.

    I see you're continuing the snow theme as well.

    You used a Reaper wolf, huh? But I've heard Soooo many good things about the GW thunderwolf model....yeah, I'm not buying that either, good choice.

    Seriously though, the model looks great, and I agree how the larger rocks in the natural sand really stand out. It looks like a rocky outcrop in a mountainous region.

  2. P.S.

    Just a note, but unless there's writing on the back of that CD case, turn it around for photos. the plastic window was throwing me off.

  3. Its a nice conversion

    My only suggestion is that you need to remove the broccoli base... Its hard to hide... though it makes pinning a bit hard...

  4. Thanks Robert- Good suggestion for the back drop. I was just too lazy to set up the portable studio.

    YSiM- thanks for the suggestion. I thought I did a pretty good job hiding it. I did think about it but Honestly the legs are too thin for pinning so the base was a compromise.

    Thanks for keeping me honest :)