Monday, February 21, 2011

Wargames Update 2/21/2011

Hello All!

Sorry for such a long delay. Real life has a nasty habit of Kicking you when your down and my life is no exception. 2011 is gearing up to be a challenge in both gaming, Hobby and that other stuff that I do between them.

All is not hardship though...

I have managed to paint over 100 miniatures since January 1st. Most of these are of the Micro scale and Starship scale variety. I did get a Rhino painted for my SM army but I don't have a pic for it yet.
Last Saturday I got a Chance to play a large Warhammer Fantasy game (3K points a side) Ogre Kingdoms & Empire (1500 each) vs. Skaven: We played at the secret hideout of the "Warboss"

The game only went a few turns with the OK and Empire on top. It really could have gone ether way if the game had continued.

None of that really mattered...
The best part of the day was the hanging around with the gang and getting a chance to see the new hideout. It didn't hurt that I also got to eat one of the BEST lasagna dinners I have ever had!

The Battlefield from the game

THANK YOU Mama Warboss!


Well that is enough of that...

Here is what I am sure everyone is waiting for------------The Pictures!

Lets start with the Starships

Here are 2 of the ships I recently did for my Full Thrust (Good Guy) Fleet

Left: Galactics Battleship by Studio Bergstrom Right: converted (With Tau Bits) Republic Cruiser by AMT/ERTL

Here are some of the Bad Guy Ships

Andrayada: Varkator by Dark Realm Miniatures

3 Wasp class Frigates and a Sword of Retribution Battleship by Studio Bergstrom

Now on to the War Machines (Not the Game ;p)

Battle Mechs

Growing up Battletech was one of my favorite games and one of my earliest forays into miniature war gaming. Over the years I have collected a good amount of Battle Mech miniatures. I have not actually played the game in over a decade but it still hols a place in my gaming heart. When I discovered that i could us my mech collection in other games like Dirtside 2 and Ogre miniatures I got so excited that I stripped and repainted the entire collection. so here they are...

Battle Master, Griffin, Marauder, Hunchback
Stinger, Blackjack, Phoenix Hawk, Locust
Atlas, Archer, Atlas, Bombardier (Completed in 2010)
Locust, Locust, Valkyrie, Valkyrie (Completed in 2010)
Hunchback, Panther, Warhammer, Catapult
(The 79th AU) Hatamoto-Chi, Griffin, Crusader, Zeus
Catapult, Crusader, Panther, Rifleman
Vector (Mekton RPG)

Star fighters and Aerospace fighters

Here is a collection of ships I intend to use in Dirtside 2 as attack fighters and in Full thrust and fighter groups...

Ships from Traveler and B5 Wars. (I have no idea what the one on the far left is from)

For use with Dirtside 2 as transports and attack craft

Dark Realm Miniatures - Humans: Lance


I am a tread head at heart so her are my tanks on parade

Dark Realm Miniatures - Humans: Rampart

I hope you have enjoyed the latest projects from my workshop.

As always let me know what you think.




  1. You know... if you want to actually play Battletech... I own the new rules...

    Though they really havent changed all that much in 20 years...

  2. That's good,

    I wonder if they are still compatible with the Mechwarrior RPG?

    Also, Those are some top notch pictures. Whoever took them must be a visionary genius. :P

    I looked up a bunch of stuff about that movie, but I couldn't really think of any good jokes, so I'll just let it go.

  3. Ships from Traveler and B5 Wars. (I have no idea what the one on the far left is from)

    Is the one on the far left from Silent Death?

  4. That May be it! Never played it but I might have bought some long ago.