Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Skaven Project Part 3

Hello again,

For the third installment of this series I am continuing with weapon teams. This time around I am looking at the most feared (and rightly so) of weapon teams The warplock Jezzails!!! These guys are a center point for my sons army so I felt they needed to be done reasonably early in this project.
Yesterday I finished the last one making a group of 10. I feel like these guys took a hit with the newest Skaven book but they are still viable and deadly! so without further chittering I give you-


One of the models I have was picked up at a recent Bazaar Bazaar. He is made from Plague monks and is holding a scroll. I decided to make it into a wanted poster for the notorious Skaven sharpshooter "Rodent Hood" who steals for the rich and bullies the poor.

Please let me know what anyone thinks about the Skaven army so far...



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  1. Now that is funny. They really are coming along.