Saturday, June 12, 2010

My first 40K Victory!!!!

The Emperor's Dragons vs. Da Orks

The Emperors Dragons are my home brewed Space Marine Chapter.
They look Like this.

This was a 1000 point game- Annihilation with Pitched deployment

My army

SM Captain in Artificer power Armor with Bolter and power sword.
10 Marine Tac squad w/ Powerfist, Las Cannon, Melta gun and a Razorback/H. Bolter (in Combat squads)
  • 5 Man combat squad- Sgt., Melta, and 3 Bolters- Razorback
  • 5 Man combat squad - Las Cannon, 4 Bolters
5 man scout squad w/3 Sniper Rifles, heavy Bolter, 1 combat knife+Bolt pistol
5 man devastator squad w/ 2 Missile launchers, Las Cannon, Heavy Bolter
6 Man Sternguard Vet squad all Bolters + Sgt w/power sword and a Rhino
Dreadnought w/ Multimelta + DCC weapon

My Opponent

20+ Boyz squad
20 Boyz in a Battle Wagon
3 Killa Kans
1 Deff Dread
1 wartrack
1 DeffKopta

Most had upgrades-
The Battle Wagon was protected by a Kustom Force field

I am not going to write a blow by blow account. Just some highlights

  • My Razorback took out the war track in the first shot of the game.
  • The Dreadnought and the Deff Dread squared off at around 6" the Dreadnought got to shoot first and shot the Deff Dread destroying it in one go.
  • The Dreadnought, immobilized after being Rammed by the Battle wagon, managed to destroy the main gun on the Ork Tank with his "death or Glory" attempt. On my next turn The Melta equiped combat squad managed to immobilize the battle wagon. By mutual agreement it was decided that the Dread could decide to use the multi-melta or D.C.C weapon since they were both immobilized in base contact. I opted for the MM but I flubbed the roll (Meh.) The next turn the melta equipped combat squad (now reduced to the melta and Sgt. thanks to Ork firepower.) Blasted the Battle Wagon to sludge and assaulted the 15 or so Orks that survived the rest of the shooting phase managing to kill 2 more and survive the onslaught that followed.
  • After surviving a bombing run from the DeffKopta the Razorback blasted it with 3 hits from its Heavy Bolter making it D.O.A
  • Managed to destroy all of the Ork Vehicles except two of the Killa Kans.
The Battle lasted 4 turns (store closed for the night)

I won 4-0 taking out the War Track, the Deff Dread, the Battle Wagon, and the Deffkopta. all of my units were intact

My MVP was the Razorback.

This guy took out the War track, DeffKopta, and opened up on the Ork hord slogging across the board weakening them for the Sternguard who were waiting for the Rhino driver to fix the busted fan belt. (it was immobilized and the Sternguard got out to shoot at the oncoming Ork horde)

Honorable Mention goes to the Tac Squad Sgt.

Just for surviving a battle with tons of Orks and managing to kill several in the process despite the Kustom Force field. Last time I used him he managed to kill a Wolf Lord in hand to hand!!!!

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