Friday, June 11, 2010

The first post

This is the first in what is hoped to be a long line of interesting posts. The Rogue General Hunter is all about the Warhammer, 40K, LOTR, and WOTR hobby. I have been playing with and painting miniatures for almost 25 years.

More to come.... (I have to get back to work)

Its a little later now and I am back. As I was saying, I painted my first model in 1986around the same time I was learning to play D&D. I used Testors Model paint and had no idea what I was doing...
I was so proud of that little Barbarian.

About a week later my little sister got a hold of it and (using my testors black) repainted it for me!

After that I piddled around with minis for a few years painting this or that for D&D, Star frontiers, Traveler, Battletech or whatever was needed. I did not discover water based acrylic paints until 1989 when my buddy (and primary DM of our gaming group) bought a Ral Partha paint set.

At first I was resistant to change. but after he gave me a set of Primary colors for my birthday I was hooked. My painting did not get any better but at least I did not need thinner any more.

in 1993 I discovered Warhammer Fantasy and 40K! My first 40K experience will be the subject of a future post. As to fantasy I started with Undead. I bought a lot of Skeletons and painted them using flesh tones (its an interesting effect.) In those days there were no Vampire counts just the Undead Horde. my Undead were a force to be reckoned with. At least until the first time I used them. After a while I discovered the Empire and have been a loyal subject of Karl Franz ever since.

After I started playing Warhammer my painting skill improved (mostly through repetition.)
since then I have attempted to learn as much as I can about the hobby (Focusing mostly on painting) I have moved into modeling and conversions as well as dabbling in scratch builds.

I think at this time the focus of this Blog should be painting, modeling and conversions with a smattering of amusing stories and General BS.

So if the above amused you stay tuned there should be more to come.

Just to get the ball rolling I am including 2 projects fro 2009 both were for contests at my local GW store.

The Space Pope and the Manor House

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